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The Tour of Fife - Day One

So another year another Tour my 10th I reckon. I remember starting my first one about 12 years ago with Grant Wilkie and finding the whole experience just something else. It's hard going doing 5 races in 5 days but also great fun. So after all this time and with my hair somewhat greyer I still look forward to doing it. My enthusiasm for the Tour was definitely being shared by Alan who was bouncing around with far too much pent up energy. This year the CAAC contingent is select. No 20 plus CAACers anymore. However CoB the legend is back!

Men's League Report - Crownpoint. 11 June 2017

What a turnaround!  From the 4 who traveled to Aberdeen, we had 15 athletes and 4 officials yesterday.  Every event, with the exception of the pole vault, was contested in both 'A' and 'B' strings.  Everyone who took part scored points, or would have, failing our strong attendance.