This guide gives a useful insight into the leagues we compete in and how teams are selected. It then goes on to explain other T&F competitions such as districts and nationals, OGM’s…… Please note if viewing this page on a mobile please use landscape. 

  • We enter leagues as a club with teams selected.
  • Participating and spectating is free at league meetings.
  • Athletes should have a valid scottishathletics membership.
  • Wear the club vest.
  • If you click on any link below you will be taken to further info such as venue, timetables, how to declare……
  • Links will only go live 4/6 weeks prior to each event.
  • Fixtures are also able to view on the scottishatletics website.

Selection: This will be from the replies received, we will try and be as fair as possible with selection to ensure we give all a chance. We will inform you of successful selection by email and/or via your coach. Any concerns over team selection should always be addressed in the first instance with your coach who in-turn will discuss it with the relevant team manager. Please note in each event we are only allowed two athletes per age group/gender/event.(example U15 Girls 100m = one A string athlete then one B string athlete)

Attending: Simply report to the team manager (usually found at the club banner) to collect your team number. All athletes will wear the same team number depending on which string they are in. Their performances are turned into points which count toward the club total. 

Age Groups: The age group DOB ranges can be found here – if in doubt just ask your coach

Forth Valley League (FVL) This is a competition for Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 athletes There are a small number of events in each of the three fixtures, but is a great league to enter if you are new to competing. We currently compete in Div 1. 

4th May | Enter here by 20th April | TimetableGrangemouth

2nd Jun | Entries not open               | Timetable | Livingston

31st Aug | Entries not open               | Timetable | Grangemouth

League Website: Forth Valley League

Central & Southern Scotland Athletics League (CSSAL) This league is for athletes from U11, U13, U15, U17, U20, Sen & Masters age groups, which makes it the only summer league where all age groups compete as a club.

27th April |Teamsheet | Timetable | Grangemouth

9th June | Entries not open | Timetable | Grangemouth

25th Aug | Entries not open  | Timetable | Crownpoint

Scottish National Athletics League (SNAL) This league is for athletes in the U17, U20, Sen & Masters. We can enter multiple athletes into any event with the top two counting to the club score.

13th April | Results |

5th May | Enter here by 26th April  | Timetable | Grangemouth

30th June | Entries not yet open | Timetable | Grangemouth

28th July | Entries not yet open | Timetable |  Aberdeen

Other Club Events. These events are still by team selection, but they are one-of events (or qualifiers) Please click on the link below to declare your availability and/or follow the link for directions to each venue.

14th April | *Superteams Qualifier | Saughton

22nd June| Superteams Final – dependant on qualification | Ayr

23rd June | **National Club Relay Champs | (Link to follow) | Ayr

*Superteams is for U12 age group. For the qualifier there is no youngest age limit. It is open to all athletes born after 1/9/2012. There is also no requirement for an SA membership for the qualifier.

**The relays for any age group apart from U11.

The club canvass for interest for both the above and do the entries.

The club will also run their own T&F Championships and have friendly inter club matches with other local clubs over the season.

Self Entry Events. Athletes (or their parents)  self enter into these events via the organisers or the links below. An entry fee payable  and a closing date applies. When attending these events athletes report to declarations to collect their individual number. 

District & National Championships: CAAC are in the East District, these championships are a great stepping stone for the Nationals. At both these you will be competing in your age groups. Those competing National events can reclaim the entry costs after the event.

26th April| National 10,000m ChampsCrownpoint

11th-May | East District Champs & Outdoor Open | Grangemouth

12th-May | East District Champs & Outdoor Open | Grangemouth

31st May| National 3,000m Champs | Crownpoint

13th & 14th July | Combined Events   | Dundee

13th & 14th July | Masters Champs Dundee

10th Aug | U15 Champs | Grangemouth

11th Aug | U13 Champs | Grangemouth

10th & 11th Aug | U20 Champs | Grangemouth

17th & 18th Aug | Senior & U17 Champs | Grangemouth

Grand Prix Series. This is a blend of leagues and individual competition However your performance at GP events are turned into club points as well. There are bespoke GP events for Throws, Jumps, Sprints & Endurance with some Championship events also doubling up as GP events.  

Open Graded Meetings (OGM’s) These are run by either clubs or local authorities The difference is that instead of competing against those of similar age you compete against those of similar standard. These are great opportunities, especially to get some experience if you are new to the sport or wanting to try something different.