This section gives a useful insight into the leagues we compete in and how teams are selected. It then goes on to explain other T&F competitions such as districts and nationals.

T&F Leagues: We enter these as a club

Availability: Coaches and team managers will canvass for interest and select the teams. Please note in each event we are only allowed two athletes per age group/gender/event.(example U15 Girls 100m = one A string athlete then one B string athlete)

We will try and be as fair as possible with selection to ensure we give all a chance. We will inform you of successful selection by email to you and/or via your coach. Any concerns over team selection should always be addressed in the first instance with your coach who in-turn will discuss it with the relevant team manager.

When attending a league match simply report to the team manager (usually found at the club banner) to collect your number. All athletes will wear the same team number depending on which string they are in. Their performances are turned into points which count toward the club total

Participating and spectating is free at league meetings.

Gender U11 U13 U15 U17 U20 Sen/  Master
Forth Valley League (FVL) M/F X X X
Scottish Women’s Athletics League*    (SWAL) F X X X X X
Scottish Athletics League (SAL) M X X X
Central & Southern Scotland (CSSAL) M/F X X X X X X

* We combine with other local clubs to form a composite team – Team Edinburgh

Forth Valley League (FVL): We endeavour to give our newer and inexperienced athletes, or those trying out new events. Team Manager Lynsey Lawrie. There are three league meetings over the summer.

Men’s League (SAL): Priority will be given to those who can achieve the current minimum league standards as indicated on the league website. Team Managers Ryan & Ally. There are 4 meetings over the summer

Scottish Women’s Athletics League (SWAL): CAAC combine with other local clubs to form a composite team –Team Edinburgh. Each club submits athletes for consideration, with the best overall athletes being selected. There are three league meetings over the summer

Central & Southern Scotland League (CSSAL) We will field as strong a team as possible with priority going to the better athletes topped up by our newer athletes Team Managers David Arnott, Lewis Innes & Tim Norwood (admin)  There are three league meetings over the summer.

Fixtures These will be displayed on our website if you click on any fixture you will be taken to further info for that event such as venue, timetables…… Fixtures are also able to view on the scottishatletics website.

The club will also run their own T&F Championships and have friendly inter club matches with other local clubs over the season.

Non League Events

District & National Championships: These are self entry events either by the athlete (or their parent) with an entry fee payable to the organiser, and a closing date for entries will apply. When attending these events athletes report to to declarations to collect their individual number. CAAC are in the East District, these championships are a great stepping stone for the Nationals. At both these you will be competing in your age groups

Fixtures will be displayed on our own calendar and also the scottishathletics website.

Grand Prix Series. This is a blend of leagues and individual competition and again are self entry/fee/closing date/number collection. However your performance at GP events are turned into club points as well. There are bespoke GP events for Throws, Jumps, Sprints & Endurance with some Championship events also doubling up as GP events. Again same place for the fixtures – club & SA website.

Open Graded Meetings (OGM’s) These are run by either clubs or local authorities and again are self entry/fee/closing date/number collection. The difference is that instead of competing against those of similar age you compete against those of similar standard. These are great opportunities, especially to get some experience if you are new to the sport or wanting to try something different. Again same place for the fixtures – club & SA website.