If you are interested in joining the club or have feedback on any aspect of this site please contact us here.


  President | David Arnott |president@caac.org.uk

  Vice-President | Graeme Reid | vice@caac.org.uk              

  Secretary | Chris Peggie | secretary@caac.org.uk

  Treasurer | Keith Copland | treasurer@caac.org.uk              

    Club Captains | Janet Grigor & Jack Fullerton | captain@caac.org.uk              


  Welfare | Mhairi Bagnall |welfare@caac.org.uk                  

  Equalities | Fran Snitjer | equality@caac.org.uk                                  

  Club Together Officer | Harry Baird | corstorphinecto@gmail.com               

Publicity Offficer | Neil Hutton | publicity@caac.org.uk


Coaching | coaches@caac.org.uk                                   

Competition | competition@caac.org.uk                                   

Web Admin | webadmin@caac.org.uk                                                     

Communications | comms@caac.org.uk                                    

General Enquiries | caacenquiries@gmail.com

If your enquiry is about joining the club it would be really helpful if you can indicate your age, what level of experience of running you have and in case of seniors your most recent 5K/10K time. This information will help us direct your enquiry to the most suitable coach.