After countless hours of poring over results from Power of 10, Run Britain, Power of CAAC and Scotsats. Then discussing the findings, we are delighted to add the Sen & Vet (Juniors still being worked on) CAAC Roads Records to the previously published CAAC T&F Records.

Of course, we may have missed something, so the Roads Records will remain as draft records until 31st Dec 2022. If you think you have a better performance, then please use the link below after reading the criteria.


  1. Competing for CAAC (or any composite team) in a league match or road race.
  2. Competing in a District or National event.
  3. On international duty.
  4. Open Graded Meetings.
  5. When competing for your school, university or other associations at meetings where CAAC can’t enter.
  6. For roads, the masters age group will start from V40.
  7. Only the following standard distances will be included in the roads records. 1 Mile, 2 Miles, 5K, parkrun, 4 Miles, 5 Miles, 10K, 10 Miles, Half Marathon, 15 Miles, 20 Miles, Marathon, 50K, 100K. Records for club events are also listed.

Ratification: All the above events should be licenced by a National Governing Body, preferably with results posted to Power of Ten, Run Britain (or similar).

Second Claim: If you are a second claim member then your performance must be in a CAAC vest.

Wind Assisted: For sprints and horizontal jumps your performance should be within the legal wind limits.

Timing: Electronic timing is preferred but hand timed performances can be considered, as long as the meeting is licenced and results posted on Power of 10, Run Britain (or similar).

How to Claim a Record: If you wish to claim a new record, or claim one retrospectively, then please complete this form.