The CAAC T&F Championships will be held on Saturday 9th September at Saughton Sports Enclosure, followed by the club picnic. Nibbles and drinks……. will be provided by the club, but folk should bring their own sandwiches etc.

All club members are encouraged to take part, either by competing or by helping out on the day!  Friends and family are very welcome to come along and join in the games. Extra helpers especially welcome!

Entries, Format & Scoring

Entries can be accepted on the day, but please help us by registering by Sept 2nd via this link

This is a free event, but we would welcome donations of food to go to the Community One Stop Shop Broomhouse

The competition consists of four events for each age group and these are listed in the table below.

  • U9   Boys & Girls  60m –   300m – LJ – Turbo Jav
  • U11 Boys & Girls  100m – 600m – LJ – Turbo Jav
  • U13 Boys & Girls  100m – 800m – HJ – Turbo Jav
  • U15 Boys & Girls  100m – 800m – HJ – Turbo Jav
  • U17 Men               200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • U20 Men               200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • Sen Men               200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • Masters Men         200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • U17 Women         200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • U20 Women         200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • Sen Women          200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • Masters Women   200m – 1 Mile – LJ – SP
  • All Frame Runners 100m – 400m – LJ – Turbo Jav

The scores will be calculated on the position of each athlete in each event. The winner in each age group will be the athlete with the lowest score from all four events. Example: If you finish 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th in your events, your score will be (1+3+5+6) = 15 points.

One penalty point more than the total number of competitors in that competition group will be awarded to athletes who fail any event (e.g. you do not finish in an event, and there were 10 athletes in total, you would have 11 pts). If more than one did not finish that event, each would score 11 points.

Help and Timings

Help will be required to support our officials and coaches to deliver this event. If you can help please indicate so in the entry form.

The timetable and final event info will be communicated when we have the entries, but a rough schedule is.

10.00am – Club Championships.
12.45pm – Relays, Potted Sports for all the family.
1.30pm – Picnic.
2.00pm – Presentation of Club Championship trophies followed by Football and Rounders.



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