Club Members/Parents Survey

We ran this survey about 18 months ago and we think it is time to revisit this to gauge our progress, and get some feedback from our newer members. The survey is split into seven sections with most answers being either tick box or linear scale. However, there is space for comments in each section, so please use that to expand if you wish. There is a link to the survey at the bottom of this article

There are two slight tweaks from the original survey.
1. Pre – Lockdowns we had very good sub groups covering Competition, Social and Communication’s. However, many of the folk involved in these have now moved on and we need new helpers. More info on what is involved is in the volunteer section of the website and you have the chance to volunteer for these (or anything else) via the webpage or via the survey
2. Since lockdowns ended we have struggled to get as many people competing as we had pre Covid, so we have tweaked the competition section to try and find out why.



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