As National Volunteer Week draws to  a close we would again like to thank our amazing volunteers for all their efforts. However, of course we would also like to invite more volunteers to come on board and develop the club and athletes even further. These can be from members, parents, families, friends and indeed the wider community. You will always be supported in your chosen role, and you can try the role before you fully commit. Many roles require no athletics knowledge and if any training is required then the club will fund this.

We currently have a wide range of opportunities from *Help at Training, Publicity Officer, Officiating…….. please see here for more details on what is involved and other opportunities.

*Help at Training is becoming an urgent need with our 6pm Tuesday/Thursday sessions to allow us to keep working in smaller groups. Keeping these groups smaller has been a huge success as it is more enjoyable for all, and advances the athletes quicker. This would be a great way for parents to get involved or for athletes who train later in the evening

If you wish to get involve in ANY capacity please fill out this form





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