To register for the Corstorphine AAC membership for 2021 please use the link at the bottom of the page to complete your renewal form.

Notes on completing the form:
  1. If you are new to the club YOU MUST ALREADY BE TRAINING with CAAC before submitting a form. If you aren’t training then please email to request a taster session.
  2. Details of how we use your information can be found on our website within the Privacy Notice in the Policies and Procedures section.
  3. If completing this form and you are under age 18 please give the contact details of a parent/carer.
  4. The membership categories are split to identify those who live locally and train with the club. Then those who live further afield and don’t train with the club.
  5. Annual membership fees will be combined with any monthly training costs to cover venue hire, and spread over 12 equal payments.
The categories and costs will be as follows:

a.   Those who are local and club training – using, or training from, venues such as Saughton or schools:

  • Junior or Student: club membership £18pa plus £12 pm training fees =£13.50 per month.
  • Senior: club membership £36pa plus £12 pm training fees =£15 per month.
  • Family: club membership £60pa plus £25 pm training fees =£ 30 per month.

b.   Non club training, for those living further afield:

  • Junior or Student:  £18pa = £1.50 per month.
  • Senior Club:  £36pa = £3 per month.
  • Family: £60 = £5 per month.
  • Coaches and Officials: Competing  £36pa = £3 per month or Non Competing (free).

Further info will be emailed out on how we will collect these after you complete the form.

Any member who is struggling to meet the costs should contact our secretary.

Please ask your coach if you are unsure of which age group you are in.

Athletes should be a member of the  club and Scottish Athletics  – further details on how to join SA can be found on their website – your SA membership number is required on this form.

Once you have completed the form you will:

  • Get a response receipt with a link to our  Equality Surveys. This is voluntary, anonymous and of great benefit to the club, so please take a few moments to complete it. These are also available online.
  • Further info and how we will collect the membership fee and any training fees will be communicated.

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