We are delighted to say we have two competitions available. Granted they are small, but they will be a great way to ease back into competing or even take part in your first event. Of course we will have guidance to follow (further info to follow) and for some there are also age limits and travel restrictions (see below) Please note you must be at least aged 9 on the day to compete.

The Together Apart Districts and Superteams take place over the month of May.

 Date  Venue  Time  Ages  Events
 May 1st  Saughton 10am to 1pm  Under age 18 on the day only  U11 75m/600m
 Others  100m/1500m
 May 15th  Saughton 10am to 1pm  All ages (athletes over 18 must reside in Edinburgh City boundaries)  U11 75m/600m.
 Others 200m/800m

Your performance from these matches will be forwarded on for inclusion in the District or Superteams leaderboards. So as well as competing against your club mates you will be competing virtually against other clubs members. Please register for these events HERE  (Deadlines April 27th for the first one then May 11th for the second).

Those taking part should be a current member of scottishathletics .

We are working on other events including time trials and off track events and hopefully we will have something on that soon. Please keep an eye on the website and social media channels.

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