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When starting the post in April no one could have foreseen the problems Covid was going to cause, however I would just like to update you on the progress to date. Please note the progress has been thanks to many contributors within CAAC, so many thanks to all.

Policies & Procedures. These are vital in the management of the club and all existing policies have been updated with a few new policies created. These are all available online so please take a moment to go familiarise yourself with them.

Members Survey. It would be very interesting to know what the members think about their club and help to identify how we can improve things. To aid this a CAAC Members Survey has been created covering all club areas so please feel free to provide some feedback. Please note you may withhold your name if you wish. CAAC Members Survey

Junior New Members Welcome Pack. Joining an athletics club can be daunting to some athletes and parents so here is a new members pack and it is available online. This is designed to be brief but expanded on at zoom meetings etc. So if you are new to the club (or even not so new but want some info) just follow the links to sign up to a meeting.

Website. Developing this further is an ongoing process, but so far we have created a  members section, added guides to T&F and Cross Country (found in competitions) There are also new links on ordering club kit and we have made good progress at collating the club records. We are now looking at adding an Events Calendar and still need a Roads Guide – if you can help with these please let me know. The website is included in the club survey so please feedback anything you would like to see added to the website or social media via the survey.

Wellness & Diversity. This covers welfare, mental health and ensuring we are fully inclusive. A new page for this has been created on our website so please have a look. You will note we are keen for some help with this area so please let me know if this of interest. Some of us sat in on the recent Athletics Pride Network (APN) webinar. It’s goals are to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ athletes, coaches, officials and allies to come together to share their stories and help educate others. This is aimed at people involved with grassroots level competition up to elite level competition. They intend on challenging homophobia, biphobia and transphobia whilst also supporting and celebrating our LGBTQ+ members of athletics.APN contacts are Web   twitter  facebook

Coaching. Covid has actually allowed us to restructure our sessions for all which has been very beneficial for those under age 15. We now have smaller groups which means each athlete gets more focused coaching and indeed they are responding very well to this. The system has also been well received by coaches, helpers and parents.

A recent appeal saw more volunteers coming forward to help with the coaching and we are looking at a bespoke Assistant Coach course some time early 2021. If you would like to  attend this just let me know.

Volunteering. Again this is included in the survey but from this update you will note we need help in the following areas. Website, Wellness and Diversity and Coaching. All will be supported by myself and others and you can try anything before you finally commit. Just send me an email for a chat.

So, again thanks to all for their guidance and support and looking forward to the next steps some of which you will help identify via the CAAC Members Survey.

CAAC Club Together Officer

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