We have been working hard at getting all the Juniors back to training two sessions per week. However, considering the number of members we have, balanced against our coaching resource, the numbers guidance we have to follow, and the fact we are having to share Saughton each night means we are very close to the maximum we can currently engage. But additional help could help resolve this especially when things relax a bit more.

To explain further the current system is:

  • We have split each training night into two sessions – 6pm to 7.15pm and 7.30pm to 9pm.
  • Each session has three training stations, with the sprints group having one of these, leaving two stations for the Juniors
  • We can only take 15 athletes at any of these stations
  • Going by the guidance means we need a coach and a helper at each station to cope with these numbers.
  • We have a pool of approximately 16 coaches and helpers – but as some have other commitments they can’t make every session.

The above system means we can give 120 Juniors one session per week. We want to get this up to 120 Juniors at two sessions per week.

From speaking with parents, coaches and athletes the system is a huge improvement from the mass groups we had pre Covid 19. The athletes are working in smaller groups, really enjoying the new system and they are getting better coaching. The coaches and helpers are coping a lot better with the system and getting the chance to know the athletes better.

All round this is very positive, indeed it is what we want to adopt for all the Junior sessions – smaller group numbers, with more direct coaching. Over time as restrictions relax and we settle into the new normal we may be able to increase the number of stations, which in turn will increase the number of athletes. But as we don’t have the coaching resource to do that we have a bit of a catch 22 situation!

So we are appealing to parents, family friends, current members, ex members and our wider community to come on board and help us out.

No experience is needed as you will be shadowing an existing coach/helper to start with and a  PVG check will be completed. After a while if you feel comfortable we can consider putting anyone through some coach education courses. We fully appreciate many have other family or work commitments, but whatever time you can give we will find a slot for you. If you want a friendly chat to find out more please email Harry on corstorphinecto@gmail.com.

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