CAAC Seniors will start to return to training from Tuesday the 1st of September.

You can only come to training if you are a member, you have read the guidance AND completed the acknowledgement form.



You MUST complete the acknowledgment before you can be invited back to training.

Depending on the number of coaches available on the night we will be able to accommodate either up to 12 or up to 24 athletes. We will be training in ‘bubbles’ of 12 per coach.

We will meet in the car park in Saughton Park and not the track. We will warm up in the park and then go for a run.

When arriving and waiting before training please remember to social distance and don’t come to training if you feel unwell.

We will indicate in advance of each session how many we can accommodate and we ask you to make sure to indicate whether you intend to come to training in advance of the session.

You can do so on the link below, but only when we have your acknowldegement.

If we have more replies than places available we will enter your in all in a draw and let you know who can attend training.

Any questions please ask!

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