My Dad, Fred Norwood, joined Corstorphine Athletics Club with me in January 1987, just after my 9th birthday. He would admit that he was never an outstanding runner himself, either in his prime for Queens University (Fred is the dashing young man third from the right in the second row) or for CAAC in his 50s, although he did often make 6th counter for the east district cross country team in those days. He did however understand the importance of taking part in sport and within a couple of years he had started coaching and played an emphatic role in coaching juniors for more than 10 years. He was passionate about making athletics open to kids of all backgrounds and abilities. This led him to take a leading role in a new grassroots community athletics programme called StarTrack which aimed to make athletics more attractive to kids and focused on making it fun. StarTrack evolved into an indoor version, Sportshall athletics, which continues today. 

Sadly my Dad died last weekend after undergoing a second attack of lymphoma cancer. I know there are still many in the club who knew my Dad as a friend or perhaps as their coach, and others who can’t even remember the nineties. Either way please join me in remembering him this week, as an indispensible part of the club for more than a decade, as the club record keeper, as a champion of athletics in Edinburgh, or even for his characteristic moustache. The love of athletics that my Dad and I shared along with the successes and disappointments that go with that will always remain as one of the most special memories for me. Go and make some memories.

His funeral will be on Thursday 13th February. There will be a short burial service at 14.15 at Corstorphine Hill Cemetery followed by a service at 15.00 at St Thomas’ church and some refreshments. Anyone who wishes to come to these would be very welcome.

Tim Norwood

2 thoughts on “Fred Norwood

  1. Sad news Tim, but such a character! I loved working with him in the early days of the club, and his enthusiasm was endless. He helped in many ways, most importantly giving me tips on how to get you and your brother to work hard in training!
    He gave a lot, and in the early days of no internet, or real computers, he managed to develop lots of ways of keeping a tab on what everyone was doing, how they were doing and the early days club records table.
    Thistle Awards, club records, annual results and also helped me use early versions of micro soft XL, to form a data base for results of the Forth Valley League and Edinburgh and District athletic league. Anyone remember competing in that?
    Not forgetting club cross country racing, always making sure to keep Ron Anderson company a being a very important 6th counter for the men’s team!

    He will be missed

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