Saturday 21 December 9am.

There is just over 1 week until the annual running of the CAAC down’N’UP. At its core a festive social hurrah to the year, but also a fierce battle with conditions, friends, foes and sometimes hangovers..

If you haven’t done it before, we will be meeting at the top of Kaimes Road park for 9am. Then walking up to the tower where the event starts. You will then follow a marked route down down down to the back of Corstorphine Hill, ~800m. You can take your own route, but it is not really worked out for anyone yet! We will then regroup and then retrace our steps up the hill to finish at Corstorphine Hill Tower.

It’s a free event for all club members and friends and family are welcome. But please let me know in advance. As always there will be some snacks and hot beverages for all at 2e, where we will conduct the prizegiving.

This years theme is green, wear as many green items as you can for the run and you could be in with a chance of winning a highly coveted prize!

Please drop me a message via email at if you want to take part.

Also if anyone wants to join in but not run, I will need at least 1 helper as Mozza has decided to leave the country …


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