The Northumberland Coastal Run has been an annual event for me the last 6 years. It’s an amazing run along some of the most beautiful beaches in the English border country. This year I was injured and away on holiday so missed out on one of my favourite runs. Still there were plenty of CAACers to take my place! Luckily roving reporter Neill was one of them…….

So another weekend and another favourite race of Coach Jan’s, unfortunately he’s still injured. So I’ve dusted of my reporters book and doing the honours once again. The Northumberland Coastal Run, a point to point race from Beadnall to Alnmouth with the only instruction for the route ‘keep the sea on your left’. This race sells out within an hour and you can see why. This was my third year but most of the CAAC crew who assembled today were debuting.

Myself, Alan, Paula and Victor set off from Edinburgh as party folk where making their way home from a Saturday night. Very early!!!! We parked up and bussed it up to the start to be joined by Mikey, Janet, Moira and Rob. We chilled out for a bit in the sun (which was a bonus compared to last year’s weather) and Alan was ready for action after a quiet journey down, but as his hangover wore off he started his usual noising up Victor. ? Then the final CAAC athletes rocked up and with Audrey, Fiona and Claire we were complete and ready to rock. We headed down into the beach and checking out the best route, the feet were getting wet early on this one for sure.

The race director gave a little speech as it was the 40th year and fact for you. Only 12 runners ran the first ever event. Today 985 completed the race. Then we headed off, keeping the sea to the left and keeping it as close as you can without using a snorkel as this is the shortest route. 2 miles on the beach then up onto trail and a road section, then back onto another stretch of beach. Up onto a trail passing the Dunstanburgh castle and along the golf course perimeter and then through the very nice village of Craster, locals came out in force to cheer us on and good old Moray the number one CAAC supporter was on hand to join in (or maybe really cheering on Janet) he was in full voice bellowing out ‘Go Corstorphine’ ??. Craster has a sign that said ‘about 1/2 way’ so we carried on and back onto the trail then a long drag on road until the last 1.5 mile on the sand.

Tough effort to the finish which never seems to get any closer with a little bit of soft sand for the last 200 metres to really sap the final bit of energy from your legs… and then the reward or a bottle of water and a cool top. Alan lead the CAAC team home in style and finishing 10th V45, well done mate. Victor followed after a gutsy run and not feeling his best, I came in next followed by Mikey and Paula. Paula also banking 10th V45 with an outstanding run. Claire was next smiling in the last 100m and then Janet romped home. Fiona, Audrey & Moira ran together and came in to round off a great days running. Fiona even admitted she loved it and you don’t hear that very often after a race. ?

The marshals today were amazing and even better than usual races, if your thinking about something with a bit of everything this one’s for you but you need to get in quick. Lovely part of the world and you can stay over which quite a few folks did, Mikey might still be in the local pub now supping a well earned beers.

Well done to all and thanks to Alnwick Harriers for another great race. ??

Great running by the largest CAAC contingent yet! The results can be found here.

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