And before you know it, it’s all over. The legs are tired and not that willing anymore, but somehow you get yourself to that last race to get it all over and done with! Five races in 5 days is trying no doubt and finishing it gives you great sense of achievement. Well done CAAC ToF Elite for finishing the tour in style! I’ve enjoyed just doing the intro to the reports and get Neill to do all the hard work. Might consider doing the Tour remotely again next year ?

Neill takes up the story of day five from here:

Well the fab 4 felt honoured to be chauffeured to the race today by Moray who was our supporter for the day. We rocked up and today was the last day, 4 days behind us and 1 to go, CAAC war paint was the order of the day.. Jilly wanted to do the Haka but we soon settled her down. The prize for completing this race and the tour. A tour mug and cakes… what more do you need. This was the longest race of the week, a trail with a few big hills to contend with, slightly different route from what a few locals advised us and a big massive hill in the middle, just what we wanted to hear.The usual softly spoken briefing at the start and then we were off. Team CAAC were all in good spirits and ready to secure our positions or hopefully climb the standing in the overall GC. Hot and humid conditions today with only really the flys to annoy us on the run. An undulating course with a few testing hills but a lovely scenic route and defo one for a group run on a Sunday as I’m sure I can remember the route. Over 140 runners made it to all 5 events and all did superb. I managed to bring team CAAC home with Jilly hot on my heels and a storming run by Megan on terrain that she’s not to keen on as we know you loves the road. Then Janet ? medal winner closed off the race in true style. Back to the community centre for cakes and prize giving. Well done to Janet for 5 days of strong running to bring home first V50. Fantastic, great running from Jilly& Megan throughout the tour. It’s a great event and I’d highly recommend it if you can logistically make it work for you. It’s not just 5 days of running, it’s 5 days of racing so it makes it such a great atmosphere with all the other clubs and competitive but fun. Awaiting the final results so we can see home we all got in. #ToF2019 Done.

Fantastic running team CAAC! Shame I couldn’t be there this year but hopefully see you and a few more CAACers there next year!

The results are in.

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  1. Superb racing everyone, and well done to Janet for medalling on her debut, been reading the great reports with envy and cant wait to get back next year!

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