If memory serves me right the fourth day is the hardest. Your legs are tired, your spirits low and unless you have Capt’n Al nobody who manically bounces around to get you going! Your attitude tends to be ‘right let’s get this over and done with’. Then once you get going and you’ve turned back to finish the second half your legs tend to start motoring and before you know it the finish line is in sight. Today’s race itself unfolded very much like this:

So day 4 comes round in a flash and with our legs still screaming ‘what was last night all about’ we arrived at Glenrothes. The Lomond Centre also had a dog racing event on this afternoon. Nice. So the 5K road race doesn’t seem so bad, only 5K, only a Parkrun, I’ve been here before. On tired legs it is not as easy as Parkrun but this is a tour and each day we go again. It is an out and back course on a cycle path hidden away just off the motorway, first 1/2 is a little incline but as it’s out and back you get the benefit on the way back (positive thinking) so we set off bunched together tightly and getting to know our fellow tourers a little too well. The usual informal start took us by surprise and it took time to be the legs moving. We set off the rain started to lash down but this was a blessing as it was very humid so it was a saving grace. The CAAC 4 all ran well and fairly close together with Megan leading from the front, this was her territory. I held on to her for dear life with Jilly just a few seconds behind and Janet eyeballing her rivals to see where they were. Well done Janet who had also been on official duty at the league meeting in the morning. I pushed Megan all the way and you couldn’t separate us on the line apart from a sneaky competitor who nipped in between us at the death. Outstanding performances from Jilly and Janet say all 4 home safe and tired. Just like a Parkrun… yeah right. Great event and well organised once again. We await the results and ready for the final showdown in the woods of the Falkland Estate tomorrow. 10K trial race to finish the tour. Oh and a wee fact for you. Glenrothes doesn’t have a Parkrun apparently. ?

Great running all and great reporting Neill! Good luck for your last runs tomorrow CAAC elite!

Results of race for are here.

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