Today the Tour of Fife started. The beach race. One of my favourites so as I am little bit crocked at the moment I decided I shouldn’t run, but I should at least make to effort to see my CAAC team mates off on their first run. A walk on the beach helped spot Ally warming up. He’s from the CoB school of running. Do at least a couple of extra miles before you race and still come in first or second. The mere mortals aka as Megan, Janet, Jilly and Neill were spotted getting out of a car and having a good old natter. With a bit of encouragement and some wise words from the coach they set off on a short warm up, determined to hold something back for the hill run, time trial, 5k and trail run to come…….

Roving reporter Neill now takes up the story:

Lovely night for day 1, hard slog in the soft stuff, Megan and Janet super excited with their debut and Jilly as always hyper. Ally meant business and at the turn had a good lead he finished well up. Jilly had a stormer and came home sub 30 mins followed by Neill who just couldn’t hold onto her nipped under 30 mins just followed by great runs from Megan and then Janet. Time to rest up and hit the hill tomorrow.

Good luck to team CAAC for the next four days. Enjoy it and race well!

Results can be found here.

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