This page will give a little bit more insight into our groups and how to progress through them. Groups are broadly organised by age and any athletics background.  They are led by qualified coaches who have been PVG checked. All the groups below are on both club nights unless otherwise stated.

If you are looking for further info as to when/where we train, costs…..  then please visit  Is CAAC For Me?


Our Run, Jump and Throw Group (age 7/8) is based on learning the basics through fun games. In our Development (age 9/10) and Intermediate (age 11/12) groups athletes are gradually introduced to all athletic events, such as sprints, jumps, throws and endurance in a  fun, safe, friendly and family atmosphere. 

Around the age of 14 athletes would then select their preferred events and progress to our Junior Event Squads. This allows them to focus on their preferred event and receive event specific training. Finally, athletes would progress to our Senior Events Squads around age 20.

There are numerous competitions all year round, with athletes encouraged to compete in events suitable with the ability. Note. Ages are given for indication only, with the main criteria for moving being attitude and commitment.

Frame Running (Jun & Sen)

Frame Running is primarily for athletes with co-ordination impairments associated with Cerebral Palsy and related impairments. It provides a much-needed opportunity for aerobic exercise for individuals with severe motor and co-ordination impairments, it can be enjoyed recreationally or as an athletics event.

Frame Running is a form of adaptive running, the athlete is supported by a three wheeled frame which provides the athlete with support and gives them stability. The frame will allow the athlete to ambulate, for some of the athletes this will be the first time they will have experienced such a sensation – running independently and with freedom.

The starting point for Frame Running would usually be via our Royal HS project on a Friday afternoon.


In addition to having our Senior T&F Event Squads we have plenty other Senior squads training and competing on roads, trails, hills and cross-country.  Regardless of your ability we have a group for you. 

Couch To 5K (Thursdays 7pm – 8pm)

Ideal for those who are either new to running, have been inactive for a while, or would like to build up their fitness.   The sessions are run in 10-week blocks and are based around walk/jog intervals, adjusted to suit the needs of everyone in the group.  The group is led by qualified jogscotland leaders who can advise you about further sessions you can do on your own during the week to help you grow stronger and fitter.  

Craic Squad (Thursdays 7pm – 8pm)

For anyone who can already run 5K (time not important!).  As the group name shows, this is a sociable group for anyone who wants to run at a pace where they can still have breath to chat!   Ideal if you are recovering after a race or returning from injury or illness or just want to run at a gentler pace.   The Craic Squad is also led by qualified jogscotland leaders.  Distance covered is usually between 5K and 8K and provides a range of different activities to further develop running fitness.  

Senior Mixed Ability

This is a mixed ability group covering everyone from those relatively new to running to those who want to improve their times for racing. Runners in the group mainly focus on road racing (5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon) during the summer and cross country in the winter, but we also train for hill running and track events. 

Senior Performance 

These senior endurance squads are performance orientated training groups who are aiming to achieve at district, national and in some cases international level. The squad primarily concentrates on middle distance, but all endurance events up to marathon (and beyond) are covered. Each athlete in the group works to an individual programme although much of the time the training is done as one or two groups  with other members of the squad.  Whilst we would expect any new squad members to be of reasonable ability, far more important is a desire to improve and a willingness to make a commitment to regular training.                                                                                                                         

If you are interested in joining, then please use the link on the Is CAAC For Me? page

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  1. Hello,

    My son, aged 12, is keen to try out a running club. He likes to run, but if definitely a beginner. Do you have beginner groups and what would we need to do? We are in Craiglockhart area. Thank you.


  2. Hi, I’ve recently moved to the area and was looking for a running club to join so I’ve joined the group on Strava, can you let me know if i need to do anything more formal? Also, when meetings are I think Tuesdays and Thursday nights? I’m looking to work on 5,10k, half and marathon training. I’m 43. (19min, 41min, 1.35 and 3h 20)

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