What ages do you cater for?

We cater for ALL ages. Those aged 7 to 9 will be directed into our Run Jump Throw section before progressing to our club groups. There is no upper age limit in athletics, upon enquiring you will be directed to the appropriate group based on your age, preferred event and ability.

Is the club suitable for me?

We pride ourselves on being a ‘family’ club. As such we have a very wide range of abilities, from absolute beginners through to performance athletes, so we will have a group suitable for you. Some of our coaches have completed a Disability Inclusion workshop to ensure we can provide a pathway for those athletes with a disability. We also have a Frame Running Group for athletes with movement impairments (see the Our Groups page for further info)

When do you train?

We train on a Tuesday and Thursday evening with various times depending on your group. We tend to have the younger athletes in earlier, but exact time will be communicated when you enquire.

Where do you train?

Between April and September we train at Saughton Enclosure on both nights. Between October and March we have two venues, on a Tuesday we train at Forrester HS and a Thursday at Craigmount HS

What should I expect of a club training session?

A more detailed explanation can be found in the Our Groups page. However, The younger groups focus on giving a taste of all athletics events before specialising in a preferred event later on.  For all groups  each session generally starts with a warm up, tailored to that evenings session, you will then do the hard work which will last around 30-60mins, before ending with a short warm down.

How much does it cost to join the club?

Come and join us for a couple of sessions and see if you like it! Once you have decided to commit the fees are:

  • For those who attend training at venues such as Saughton or schools:
    Junior or Student Club Training: membership £30 pa + £12 pm training fees (£14.50 per month).
    Senior Club Training: membership £48 pa + £12 pm training fees =(£16 per month).
    Family Club Training: membership £72 pa + £25 pm training fees =(£ 31 per month).
  • For those who do not attend training and/or live further afield:
    Junior or Student: membership £30 pa (£2.50 per month).
    Senior Club: membership £48 pa (£4 per month).
    Family: membership £72 pa (£6 per month).
    Competing Coaches and Officials: membership £48 pa (£4 per month) | non-competing is free

No membership is needed for our Couch to 5K programme, but we do ask you to make a donation to the club, which will go to our community programmes.

Would like to try CAAC? 

Get in touch with secretary@caac.org.uk or caacenquiries@gmail.com

It would be really helpful if you can indicate your age, what level of experience you have and in case of seniors your most recent 5K/10K time. This information will help us direct your enquiry to the most suitable coach.