Off Road / Trail

CAAC: Down n Up 2018, Saturday 22 December 9am


Sorry for being useless, after advertising very lazily via WhatsApp and in person when able. Would like to confirm the Down N Up is taking place tomorrow morning at 9am at the top of Kaimes Road. Hope to have first starters off at 9:15am.

Trail shoes recommended.

You can turn up on the day and run, but if you know you are going to and havent said aye yet drop me a note here or via email at

Peebles Christmas Run

Hi Guys,

Gillian and I would like invite you down to Peebles for a christmas trail run on Sunday 23rd December 10am from our house.  Route will be trails and distance will depend on weather and the group.  One option could be Peebles to Innerleithen (or reverse) over the hill tops with is about 9 miles.  If the weather isn't so good we could run down level from Peebles to Lyne Station and back via Cademuir forest.

Soup, cakes and Coffee back at the course afterwards.

Murieston Trail Race 2018

The 2018 edition of the MTR will take place on Saturday 8th September, and with just over 2 weeks to go, this is an urgent request for volunteers. 

As with previous CAAC events, it is hoped that as many of our members as possible will actually run the race, but the positions noted below are the minimum required for the race to proceed safely, so I would urge you to add your name to the list.

From Hel’ n Back

Entries have now opened for From Hel’ n Back, a 12km trail race run by Helensburgh AAC. Packing 1253ft of elevation into 12km it’s not flat but it is worth it! Views of Loch Lomond, a momento and homemaking for all finishers. What more could you ask for? More info and entries through Entry Central