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Our try at Dumyat

I do like a wacky race. Some of my top wacky races which have been reported on this very website are the mighty deerstalker, the wild turkey (NZ), Largo Law and, of course, our very own Down n&;Up (and probably Blackrock 5 when I finally do it). Todays Dumayat Dash comfortably makes into this distinguished list.

Dave and I were the CAAC representative and we were joined by Mark, one of Dave work colleagues. To make things more interesting healthy wagers were running on whether Mark and Dave would come home first. The course was slippier than a banana skin rug or teflon eel. Like the Down &;n Up this year creative route finding was needed to get the best line through the iced up lower track. Higher up, a layer of wet snow made running just as tricky with total wipeouts regular.

I was please to finsh in the low teens just behind the 1st two women, then ran back to a particulary icy spot to watch the other runners slide in and Dave pip Mark by a meer 50m.