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New functionality & request for a content editor/writer?

Welcome to Monday. Monday&;s come and go, more so the latter thankfully. But Mondays should not be so readily discounted - Mondays are good, Mondays are productive and Mondays are both fresh and new. Not to miss such an opportunity i&;m happy to announce some new function which has been added to the website.

So what is new ?

Categorisation & Tagging
This is a simple idea and you may have noticed this already when adding new content to the site. There are now a few more boxes to complete, the first is for Categorising your Post type ie Race Report or Announcement and the second is for defining if the post relates to a certain type of Athletics ie Cross Country or Track & Field. These fields are currently optional, to Select one click and highlight if you want to Select multiple options hold down the Control button and click each in turn. There is a third and you can have some fun there, add descriptive words seperated by commas to further identify the posts content. All of these extra boxes are optional and you need not complete them, but if you do it will give us some leverage to further augment the site in due course.

I gave an early preview to some &;heads&; and generally the &;improvements&; were welcomed. I&;ve taken some early feedback and edited in some snippets. Ivan Mademeupov of The Sometimes commented, "Its been some time since the CAAC WebMonkeys last meddled with the site, but maybe this time they have done something useful!"

Ivan&;s comment was echoed by other critics, however they did have the decency to tip their caps to the brains behind the operation.

"O&;Brien spends an unhealthy amount of meddling and thinking, but its clear to see hes just trying to be the boy come good." - Jon Stitchup

"Its like Back to the Future sometimes, they are moving but its hard work keeping up with them. Thankfully it seems they are &;moving&; in the right direction!" - Terib Ble

As always i&;m open to feedback and indeed welcome it good or bad. Post back here, email me at or catch me at training.

Last but not least im looking for some help maybe someone with a wee inkling to write some race previews and own/champion a couple of site features initially im thinking about the "Meet The CAACr&;s" segment. I&;m finding i don&;t have just enough time to to get this done, however its been well received and would be a shame to see it not take off or given the attention it deserves. Any fancy a wee job? They pay doesnt exist however the kudos will be unquantifiable!