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The Down'N'Up 2010 : Saturday 18/12 @ 9am

The CAAC Down&;N&;Up 2010

This years The Down&;N&;Up takes place this Saturday at 9am. As usual i imagine there will be some sore heads, but as usual im sure all will be raring to go. Mr.Anderson of O&;Brien Anderson & Co. completed a Health and Safety Inspection at 11am yesterday, he reported it is unsafe, dodgey and generaly not recommendable thus we will continue with the event as normal.

Your requirements?
Post here, tell us or click SignUp to let us know your coming first off. Then get yourself to the top of Kaimes Road for 9am with suitable attire, i would suggest a couple of layers, leggings and grippy footwear as a decent starting point.

Last year Tom Ferrington took the overall title and won a Xmas Cactus, which he recently reported was in fine fettle blossoming as the snow started to fall two weeks ago. Ferrington&;s winning time was 19s outside the course record from 2007 held by Keith Hood, however both of these fine athletes have recently had some injury and ilness to contend with so the door is quite possible open for a return to victory for 2008 winner Scott Pilkington. I have a sneaky feeling we could see some magic from one of the descenders this year Alex Cumming and Steven O&;Brien definitely will impress on the first leg but it would be folly to exclude Nick Brown and Susan Johnston who have completed recces in the dark in the past weeks. Such dedication will undoubtedly pay dividends. [ Previous Results ]

It is not suprising that so many come back to this event with the prizes being some of the most sought after in the athletics arena, both the quality and quantity of which would make Santa blush! Winners throughout the field. SignDown - SignUp! Do it >> CLICK HERE
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Helpers would be appreciated,

Helpers would be appreciated, prefer runners though. As in previous years we have kind of managed between the two of us and Moray is even fitter this year. However, if your not planning the latter your assistance would be most acceptable, cheers.
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Looking forward to it - can

Looking forward to it - can you sign me up too. Also could Neil take part as an honorary CAACer
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Done and of course more than

Done and of course more than welcome. When is he going to sign on the dotted line anyways ... ? ;]
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Entry list now as below  its

Entry list now as below  its hotting up!

Bruce Malcolm
Nick Brown
Chris Peggie

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I will obviously be there as

I will obviously be there as well....when was the last time I missed a club organised event! ;) Also if you could leave out the Down bit and just make it the CAAC Up that would be most appreciated! ;) Cheers
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Athlete Down Up

Athlete Down Up Down n Up
Pilky 2.33 4.10 6.43
StevieO 2.47 4.39 7.26
Tommo 2.47 4.48 7.35
Alex 2.57 5.06 8.03
Bruce 3.23 5.07 8.30
Grant 3.33 5.02 8.35
Scott W 3.40 5.19 8.59
COB 3.42 5.22 9.04
Timdog 2.56 6.16 9.12
Nick 3.52 5.44 9.36
Chris P 4.05 5.45 9.50
Dave P 3.03 7.09 10.12
Jan 4.43 5.35 10.18
BC 7.09 4.30 11.39
Jo 5.57 6.20 12.17
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Thanks to Moray and Chris for

Thanks to Moray and Chris for oraganising another great down&;n&;up. And for the prize, whatever it was for. Cheese with pineapple - yum yum!
Timings - something not quite right with the &;up&; times - I finished about a second behind Chris P off a 40 sec start?
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Sorry its taken me so long to

Sorry its taken me so long to write the race report! Unfortunately there were no cameras around this year so ill try draw you a nice picture. 

&;Tis the festive season and some persons find this is a suitable occasion to have a few more glasses of cheer, on this occasion it was somewhat unfortunate that it was Moray and i that fell foul of this &;challenge&; of course were both outdone by Thomas &;do i have to go home at closing time&; Ferrington who always seems to pull off a miracle! 

Frivolities dealt with, everyone arrived at the start line in a mish mash of racing attire. Home made ice shoes, track spikes, walshes and for the very brave racing slicks. With the &;Mary Shelley&; steps tested by all there was a lot of route murmuring and indecision as the clock counted down for the first starter. Grant Wilkie toed the line at 10s to go, there was a large crowd hanging over the icey precipice eager to see his route choice as one of the two slick wearers breaths were held by all. 3-2-1-Go! With the start line set some 50m back from the edge of the abyss all we could do was listen.... ooooooooohhhhhhaaaaaaaahhh. Wilkie&;s eager start seen him topple at the first hurdle. Personally in retrospect and knowing he is such a tactical genius i think he did so to rattle a few cages and maybe have the later starters think again. The 20s were up and so followed Nick, Alex and Tommo at 20s intervals all three highly fancied for the descent, Jo the only woman brave enough to take on the ugly CAAC men folks, Jan sporting a go faster CAAC buff, Tim who by tradition nearly missed his start, Stevio our 2nd slicks wearer, Mr.Williamson minus the troublesome red and white windsuit of last year, Chris Peggie the man we managed to pull the wool over his eyes with our forged health and safety certificate, Pilky 2008 race winner, Bruce quiet but steely eyed and determined, BC who needs no intro, Dave Patton a welcome  face on the racing scene sporting only shorts and t-shirt and finally myself and the rucksack of Down&;N&;Up prizes ...

The Down was won by an impressive 12s margin by Pilky in a good time of 2m33, especially given the steps were a deathtrap and much of the course sheet ice, there was rumour of some foul play in the field with Mr Peggie apparently attempting a slide tackle on Miss Kirby but with both shaking hands on finishing we turned a blind eye. Id also like to say that BC got lost on the way down but i cant. Posting a time of 7m09s we could see him coming a long way off but the shuffling tactic clearly had not paid off. First class descents by Timdog, Bruce and Patton had them well in the picture for the second stage, The Up.

Blessed with a relatively mild day and and some quicker than usual calculations and faster Moray we were soon at a Go. Running back up in the same order was sure to test a few and bring out the mountain goats in others. You cant see too far up the path from the starting point but all seemed to be holding their intervals as they blasted off, most interesting start was that of Tim who went for a direct ascent to the high path - would it work out?

I met Kip at his chilly mid marshall point and got him up the last of the way a real slip slidey affair i didnt see a soul so it was clear there was some moving and shaking going on on the Up. Tim had made it in on front of me but declared his route choice bad as he wavered and failed to find the high path quickly the good running never really arrived. Pilky secured his 2nd Down&;N&;Up title with the fastest ascent the track spikes proving to be an inspired choice. Keen to wipe the descent from memory BC recorded the 2nd fastest ascent holding off Steven how in turn overhauled Tommy in the overall result. There has however always to be one and after all were finished well  we thought they were Dave appeared. He had taken as is now known the Carr Cockrell route and alas scuppered any winning chances. Or had he.

The prizegiving quickly ensued and what started as a slick affair turned into a stumbling tongue tied shambles. With all prizes wrapped its a bit of a mystery as to what will be won, and for those that have theirs under their xmas tree i wont spoil the suprise ;]

Round prize winners - Jo(1st female),Bruce(only good person who didnt heckle the organisers),Tim(most interesting route choice)

Straight prize winners - BC(slowest Down),Dave(slowest Up),Jan(first CAAC buff wearer wearing as a hat)

Really long prize winner - Chris(for falling)

Long prize winner - Tommo(for being most &;ill&; prepared)

We also inaugurated the Down&;N&;Up trophy for this now established event. A 24ct 3" diamond on a solid silver pedestal, the first winner of which and second time taking the title Scott Pilkington

We had a great morning chaps thanks for coming along and hope to see you next year, and don&;t forget runners make runners. (ok adrian&;s is better)