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CAAC New Year Ceilidh on Friday 14th January 2011

Tickets now available for the CAAC new year Ceilidh - bring your £7.00 along to the club on Tuesday 14th December to make sure you get your ticket - limited to 120! surely the best night out in 2011

Ooops should have said the following

where its at: Bainfield Bowling Club just off Gorgie Road
Date: Friday 14th January 2011
Time: 7:30 till midnight

usual &;bring a raffle prize and a plate of food for the buffet&;

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Hi Lorna, any chance of

Hi Lorna, any chance of reserving a ticket, as I probably won&;t be at training next week? Thanks!
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hello Keith yes you have

hello Keith
yes you have ticket number one- will get the money as soon as you are back.  My complete lack of noseyness prevents me from asking why you know already that you won&;t be training next week????
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I haven't been to training

I haven&;t been to training for ages because my knee gave up! I&;ve been for physio and it&;s improving slowly but probably won&;t be right for a wee while yet. Apparently, it&;s bursitis, causing friction between the tendon and the bone. It&;s good to hear that you&;re getting your knee fixed at last.
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Hi Lorna Could you reserve me

Hi Lorna Could you reserve me a ticket too. I won't be at training as folks are on holiday, so nobody to look after arrran. Thanks K
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Hello everybody apart from

Hello everybody apart from Kerry and Keith who already have their tix!

The ceilidh tickets will be with Sheena tomorrow night (Tues 14th) at the club so bring money/chequebook with you to training. There are only 120 available - first come etc etc basis!

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Hi all Thanks Lorna for

Hi all

Thanks Lorna for printing the tickets and puting the post on the website. To avoid any confusion and so we don&;t have 2 lists running please see Sheena at training (or put a post here) re tickets for the Ceilidh. Sheena will be keeping a log of who requires tickets and collecting the money. Also please note we have a different band coming this year with new dances so all very exciting!


Bryan (BC)

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Yup thats grand Bryan - I am

Yup thats grand Bryan - I am handing them all over to Dave to take to the club for Sheena tomorrow. Hopefully everyone that wants to buy tix will bring their money tomorrow. My work is done :-) 
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Excuse me but I am in

Excuse me but I am in Inverness tomorrow - any chance of a couple of tickets for the van den Berg&;s? Or does your Christian name need to start with a K to qualify for preferential treatment?
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Ok well since you are both

Ok well since you are both &;J&; which is close to, but not quite &;K&; I will send a wee note along to Sheena with the tickets to say that you will be coming up with the dosh next training night?  I think that will work.  Have a lovely time in Inverness smiley
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Hi, Are there tickets still


Are there tickets still available for this fine event? If so, could I pay for one and collect at training on Tuesday the 11th please?


Dave P