The Tour of Fife - Day One

So another year another Tour my 10th I reckon. I remember starting my first one about 12 years ago with Grant Wilkie and finding the whole experience just something else. It's hard going doing 5 races in 5 days but also great fun. So after all this time and with my hair somewhat greyer I still look forward to doing it. My enthusiasm for the Tour was definitely being shared by Alan who was bouncing around with far too much pent up energy. This year the CAAC contingent is select. No 20 plus CAACers anymore. However CoB the legend is back! He is joined by Coach Dave's finest also know as Alan, Keith, Neill and of course ME! Where are the CAAC ladies I hear you ask. Indeed where are they? We will miss their good influence and especially Gillian's cakes!

With  half hearted attempts at warming up not really doing it for any of us and Alan still bouncing about we made our way to the start. The sooner we got going the sooner Alan good make good use of his pent up energy. So we got to the start and I believe we had some whispered instructions. Before I knew it the race had started the same person responsible for the health and safety announcement was obviously also in charge of starting the race. Being at the back in my usual zen state meant that I only knew that the race had started as people in front of me started running. The zen bit didn't last long as the wind was behind us on St Andrews beach and before I knew it we were heading down the beach towards the softer sand and the turn. Easy this running stuff. Not when you turned and had to run into the wind I discovered. The good thing about an out and back course is that you can encourage your team mates as they run past. You can also check on your own progress. So CoB was lying second, Alan was well up as well and Neill, Dave and Keith were not far behind. The way back was slightly harder going....Still before we knew it the first leg was finished. Great runs by the team with the provisional results here:

Well done all and I can't wait to run up East Lomond from Falkland tomorrow............

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Great report Jan, it tells it

Great report Jan, it tells it all really. I loved my TOF debut and I'm hoping my enthusiasm lasts another 4 days. Great effort from all the caacsters. Bring out the hill!!!