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Men's League Report - Crownpoint. 11 June 2017

What a turnaround!  From the 4 who traveled to Aberdeen, we had 15 athletes and 4 officials yesterday.  Every event, with the exception of the pole vault, was contested in both 'A' and 'B' strings.  Everyone who took part scored points, or would have, failing our strong attendance.
For some of you this was a first outing in the competition.  I hope that you're reassured that the standard is accessible and that you can all compete at that level.  Aside from the attendance and willingness to compete, highlights for me were wins in the 100mH and Javelin for Tom Hunt, a 1, 2 (1, 1 in the results!) in the 5,000m from Tom Martyn and Mark Haskett, George Key's throws in the Shot and Discus and having 2 complete relay teams.
Some of you narrowly missed the point scoring standard in events that aren't yet your own.  I'd encourage you not to be disheartened, learn from your experience, acknowledge the poor conditions and have another go.
Yesterday's results will be published at .  Provisional results are available, subject to appeal and they have been added to .
The next match is at Grangemouth on 9th July.  Please let us know if you are able to compete or officiate so that we can add you to the team sheet.  Unfortunately neither Ally or I are able to attend - Ryan Kyle will perform administrative duties on the day.
Congratulations to all those who took part, 
James Harrison and Ally Brockie 
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I can officiate on the 9th

I can officiate on the 9th July if that is a help, but would need to get a lift to Grangemouth.



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That would be a huge help.

That would be a huge help.  Thank you, Janet.  I'll make sure you get transport but will need to arrange it in a couple of weeks once we have a better idea of club numbers.  If its anything like Crownpoint, we might need a bus!