Final Call - 30th Anniversary T-Shirt & Water Bottle collection

This is a final call to all those on the attached list to get in contact with me ( or Alan Cameron by 28th May to arrange collection of your 30th Anniversary t-shirt and water bottle.

Likewise if you joined last year and haven’t received your t-shirt and your name is not on the list then please get in contact by 28th May.

Members of Moray’s squad should get in touch with James Harrison who is distributing the remaining t-shirts for that group.

After 28th May we will redistribute any remaining t-shirts so make sure you don’t miss out!!!

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I'm also likely to see Ewan

I'm also likely to see Ewan Brown, Scott Hamilton and Findlay Donegan in the coming weeks, if you'd like me to pass those ones on?
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Got to say that Keith has

Got to say that Keith has been doing most of the spade work with Carrie,Fiona and George helping out with actual distribution. Fantastic effort from you all.
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Euan Murray and Jacob Scott

Euan Murray and Jacob Scott are in Lewis squad.   Robert Phipps and Jessica Thain in kids.