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Help needed: 30th Anniversary T-Shirt & Water Bottle distribution.

Afternoon all, I have in my possession all the T-shirts and water bottles to be distributed for athletes that were members of the club last year.

Some of these were collected at the AGM - but there are still a lot more to be collected.

I unable presently to commit to coming to a club training night to pass these out, would someone be willing to do this for me/us please?

I have a full list of persons to collect and which size they ordered, and t-shirts where for a family unit have already been sorted.

Please get in touch if you can help?

Thank you, Christopher.

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I will help out Chris. If you

I will help out Chris. If you can get them up to Clerwood...I will distribute them no problem. Alan
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I'm also happy to help Chris,

I'm also happy to help Chris, I suspect it will take more than one training night to get them distributed so can help particularly if Alan doesn't always have transport to ferry the kit back and forward.
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Thank you all, it is very

Thank you all, it is very much appreciated! Ts and water bottles now in transit to Alan (thanks Ally!) and I am sure he will welcome your further support. Cheers
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Hi guys, got my T-shirt on

Hi guys, got my T-shirt on Tues (thanks) but wondered if there were any club vests or similar to buy? Only two weeks until Cape Wrath and would love to represent the club up there.
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We will continue to make the

We will continue to make the kit available at training on Tuesdays and Thursdays this week and next week. Those who have not already done so please make every effort to collect your 30th anniversary t-shirt and water bottle on one of these evenings from the contacts listed below, or get someone to collect on your behalf. This kit is available to everyone who paid their membership when joining the club this time last year for the 2016/17 season. Kit can be collected from - Juniors - Carrie Johnson and George Keys, Ladies - Fiona Carver, Mens - Alan Cameron and myself. This range of kit is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will soon become collectors items so don't miss out!
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Please see below a list of

Please see below a list of mens kit not yet collected, if your name is on this list please make arrangements to collect it at either Tuesday or Thursday night training at Saughton this week, or make alternative arrangements directly with me or Alan. Do not let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by! If your name is on the list and you have already received your t-shirt then please let me know. I will provide a ladies list separately Please make every effort to claim your kit this week, thereafter a decision will be taken regarding unclaimed kit. Thanks Keith