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Marato Barcelona

When I first signed up for this race it was meant to be one of the longer runs for my London marathon training, but 1 week into my schedule I hurt my achilles and my training became a bit sporadic in Dec/Jan and before I knew it it was February and 5 weeks till Barca and I hadn't ran more than one 10 miles and no more than twice a week without a 2 week rest. Eventually I went to cash for kids and sold Charlie for £60 to pay for a physio who told me everything is okay and to keep running. So I defferd London and began my 5 week marathon training in earnest. The physio told me to run 5 miles faster every 2nd/3rd day and nothing more but I ignored him and crammed as many long runs as I could in a month,my last being 15 miles a week b4 the race,I hoped that I was ready.

I arrived in Barcelona on the Friday with Alison and Charlie, went to the Expo to get my number and spent the rest of the day and Saturday exploring the city sampling its good food and beer,and at night looking for the ghost of Hemmingway with my spoon,sugar cube and a bottle of absinthe. On race day I felt great as there was no pressure to chase a PB and I knew I could finish as I had managed a 19 miles a couple of weeks b4, it was all about how long it would take with very little training. So at the start after a fair bit stretching the old ankles and achilles I found myself between the sub 3 and sub 3:15, I just gave a shrug thinking I'll get a head start but they will eventually overtake me. Well 3:15 did eventually overtake me but not until the 35K mark,so now my target was sub 3:30 and I sort of guessed that I couldn't drop 15 mins when I still had them in my sights with 5K to go. The last couple of K was a struggle, the lack of training kicked in and I was toiling to lift my feet and I dropped 9 mins from the 3:15 pacers to cross the line bang on 3hrs 24mins.

I was well pleased with my time, even more than my Dublin marathon PB, which I will tell you about if I get enough likes, along with the wee neds setting fire to the bins outside our apartment after the race.

The Barca race was well organised with a really relaxed feeling to it with runners kids and family jumping over the barriers to run up the home straight together at the end, such a good sight and feeling.

I've already signed up for a nice flat Budapest marathon in October, get some proper unhindered training in and go for that magic PB. ;-)

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Great time Al and great

Great time Al and great report. You are on for that PB in October..... Just don't train too hard!