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National Road Relays - 26th March

The National Road Relay Championships take place on SUNDAY 26th March at the usual Livingston venue.

The race is over an alternating short leg (3.1miles)/long leg (5.8miles) format featuring 6 legs for men and 4 for women as well as 4 legs for M50 and 3 for W50.

Those eligible to compete are any athlete born before 1st September 1999 (i.e. no U17's) and entries close on 13th March. If you wish to compete please inform your coach no later than Thursday 9th March.

The course map is available here

Information on the event is available here

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I neglected to mention that

I neglected to mention that this will be the foremost opportunity to show your form prior to selection for the English National 12 Stage relays which take place in Sutton Coldfield on 8th April. For those unavailable to race in Livingston there is a week in between that and the 12 stage to get another race in and prove your form - Parkrun anybody?
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Entry forms for this will be

Entry forms for this will be submitted tomorrow morning so contact me directly or post here if you haven't already given your name to me or your coach and want to run.Note that you must be a current member of Scottish Athletics to take part so ensure your membership is up to date.
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The following have been

The following have been entered for the National 6/4 stage road relays. I have left your name off if you have already told me you can't make it since the entries were submitted. At the moment we have exact numbers for 8 complete teams and you will be put in a team on the day of competition so it is important that you let me or your coach know as soon as possible if you are not going to be able to make it as I will need to shuffle teams about. Teams will be published here prior to the event - the race starts at 1200 so please arrive at the course in good time and DO NOT try to anticipate the start time of your leg too finely!! All athletes need to wear the club vest.

Moray Anderson
Peter Black
Martin Caldwell
Alan Cameron
Stuart Campbell
Dean Carr
Gillian Carr
Fiona Carver
Lisa Christy
Bryan Clark
Gordon Clarke
Howell Craske
Dermot Cummins
Tom Cunningham
Tom Ferrington
Graeme Fletcher
Fiona Goulding
Janet Grigor
David Hall
James Harrison
David Henderson
Keith Hood
Aaron Hoyle
Fiona Linklater
Stuart Livingstone
Iain Macleod
Jilly McKay
Calum McKenzie
Doug McKinnon
Ian McPherson
Ross Milne
Gary Morrison
Chris O'Brien
Steven O'Brien
Chris Peggie
Scott Pilkington
Neil Porterfield
Chris Poxton
Dougie Selman
Megan Smith
Callum Thom
Gordon Whall
Tom Wilson

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Attached are the teams for

Attached are the teams for Sunday. Mind you it is only Monday so these could still change, or at least the running order could change.

Teams 2017.pdf

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As Ally has just pointed out

As Ally has just pointed out the clocks go forward on Sunday in the early hours so don't get caught out.
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Minor change - Callum Thom

Minor change - Callum Thom and Stevie O'Brien swap legs. I wouldn't mind a pair of Stevie O'Brien legs now you mention it, provided they'd been doing some running of course!

Teams 2017.pdf

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Is there a CAAC convoy

Is there a CAAC convoy leaving from PC World? If so then what time? I could do with a lift. Thanks.