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CAAC Ceilidh Fri 13th Jan 2017

CAAC Ceilidh 2017
Hi everyone, Just a wee heads up for the CAAC festive season ceilidh at the Bainfeild bowling club, Chesser. I now have the tickets in my possession and will have them with me every training night (Tue/Thu) at the school.They are £5. It's a bargain, all we ask is that you bring a plate of food for the buffet and a prize for the raffle. This is a great social get together for runners, partners, family, friends and parents of the younger runners. Numbers were quite low last time, so let's make this a night to remember and dust off these dancing shoes. C U soon. Thanks. The Dashing White Runner
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Alright Al, i know you put me

Alright Al, i know you put me down for two last night but put me down for one and i'll let you know if i need a plus one nearer the time :)
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Nae bother Peter.

Nae bother Peter. That's Peter got his name down for a much sought after ticket, I'm now expecting a mad rush of emails, so if you don't want to miss know what to do.
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Currently 2 for me Capt Al.

Currently 2 for me Capt Al. Will see if we can get some more friends interested, but I'll bring £10 on Tuesday. Let's see if we can be the last ones thrown out of this Bowling Club too.
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Thanks Graeme, it's a really

Thanks Graeme, it's a really good night with lots of fun, your friends will have a great time. Maybe you were thrown out mate !! ha ha, I was kindly asked to leave cos the bar had closed. ;-)
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You can paint it however you

You can paint it however you like sir. Where I come from that was an ejection. Polite, but an ejection nonetheless.
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But you were manhandled by 2

But you were manhandled by 2 doormen and a taser gun !! or did I dream that after the 8 pints of Guinness :-D
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Bravo Jilly, will give them

Bravo Jilly, will give them to you at training tomorrow, hope you have recovered from your injury! ! Come on guys and gals,you seriously don't want to miss out on this dancing extravaganza. Who ya gonna call ?? Ticketmaster !!!
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No problem Keith,glad you and

No problem Keith,glad you and the good lady are going. Have over 70 names on the Captains list,be great if they can all make it.
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Friends,runners,countrymen,lend me your ears, unfortunately I will not be able to make training on Tuesday. Could anyone who is going to bring money to pay for the ceilidh please give the money to my lovely assistant Fiona, who has kindly offered to help me whilst I'm away practicing the Gay Gordon. I would appreciate it greatly if payment was made as soon as possible as it makes the whole thing run a great deal easier if I have the money safe and in my pocket before the actual night. Thanks
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IT COULD BE YOU !! That wins a bottle of wine if you buy the 60th ticket tonight for the CAAC CEILIDH. My calculations make it soon,very soon !! Buy Buy Buy so you don't miss out !!
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Fantastic OCH,I will keep 2

Fantastic OCH,I will keep 2 tickets for you at the venue and you can pay at the door,thanks.
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Firstly I hope you all had a

Firstly I hope you all had a good Xmas and a happy new year but don't put yer kilt and ballgown back in the wardrobe just yet,we at have 1 more party to get 2017 started, the CAAC CEILIDH is the place to be seen with 12 tickets sold this year already taking the tickets sold total to over 80...great effort troops. Let's go for 100 this week !!
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I'll take a couple of tickets

I'll take a couple of tickets, I can pay on Tuesday 10th @ Forrester. What time does the Ceilidh start? Cheers, Julian
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That's great Julian, 2

That's great Julian, 2 tickets coming your way on Tuesday. Anybody want to beat Julian for the first time and buy 4 ??
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Fantastic work on the ticket

Fantastic work on the ticket sales front Alan and thanks to everyone so far who's bought tickets. See you all on the 13th.
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Can I up my original order

Can I up my original order from 2 to 4 tickets please, as I have a couple of friends who'd also like to Ceilidh :) J
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Hi Aljaroo - actually I didn

Hi Aljaroo - actually I didn't realise that Tommo had a couple of ticket held for us already - so if you could change my order back to 2 tickets that would be sweet (i'll get the other 2 off Tommo). J
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Hi everyone happy new year!!

Hi everyone happy new year!! It's just to ask if I could get some tickets for the ceilidh?! Thanks! :)
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Hi troops!! Tonight is

Hi troops!! Tonight is ceilidh eve, and your last chance to buy a ticket and be guaranteed entry. It has been a phenomenal response from everyone at the club to try and make this ceilidh be a success,thanks. For those who have not managed to get tickets from me for whatever reason (better be a good reason) you can purchase a ticket on the night at the door. PS,I'm looking forward to seeing all the homemade baking for the buffet. PPS, Would be much appreciated if you could bring a prize for the raffle. See you all tomorrow. Thanks