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Signup: Down'N'Up. Saturday 24 December 2016

"When is it?"

Saturday 24 December at 9:00AM for a 9:15AM START

"Where is it?"

Meet at the car park at the top of Kaimes Road by 9AM for registration, It will be manned from 8:45AM at latest

"What is it?"

The Down N UP is the event all of your training for the whole year has been focused on. 10Ks ..pah! 800m .. no chance! Marathon, are you having a laugh. This event is the pinnacle of athletic excellence. If you haven't competed before, here is your chance to get the your athletic palmares completed. Think getting that last sticker for your 1990 World Cup Panini album, only this will trump it by a mile!

"So seriously - what is it?

Simples. You run downhill for approximately 900m as fast as you can, you then get a wee breather have a chat with your competitors then you run back up even faster. There are prizes for both legs, the whole thing and many more. This is a fun and social event (with added fun this year).

"OK you got me, how much is it?"

Are you a club member? Yes? Well then you have won a bloomin' watch, it is free! If not £1 which goes towards the mega prize haul.

"I still have no idea what this is all about, but I am intrigued what else is in it for me?"

OK, OK i need to give you the really hard sell. After we have ran down then up the (I suggest you wear off road shoes, but road shoes will be fine) course we will be heading back to 2e Caroline Terrace where there will be tea, coffee and a wee snack laid on for all. Plus of course the prizegiving.

Its great.

You should come. 

Anything else?

  1. You need to be at least 1 years old to take part. 
  2. You need to let me know you will be there by clicking SignUp below or by emailing me or by saying to me in person or indeed Mr Moray Anderson who is much better at turning up at training than me!
  3. Theme for this year? Long socks, calf warmers, elbow pads and headbands. Day-glo for bonus points!
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Susan and I will be along.

Susan and I will be along. Though I think Susan plans to just marshal/take photos. Not on the list above, but who I think will be along include Ally B, and Fiona G.
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The grease index was high at

The grease index was high at 1.5%, the calm weather for the registration proved merely a warm up to the wintery storm that the 2016 Down N Up took place in. Footwear is always a gamble - too many studs and you will carry half the hill with you; too few and you risk becoming far too well acquainted with the ground which you are trying to speed over with grace. We had both extremes this year with road racers and cross country spikes both making appearances. The spikes won out but not by much - so the debate continues to 2017.

No fewer than 45% (9) of the field were making their debuts and all comers took on the challenge of calve/elbow warmers, long socks and headbands with gusto. Particular favourites was the CAAC away kit sported by Fiona Carver - the neon pink running tutu being made by Alexander Nikequeen if any one is interested in purchasing one. A welcome competitive return from her namesake Mrs Goulding was also neon pink. There was no missing our caacthletes on the hill today.

The course was well marked, the weather almost had the better of the results with school jotter paper not being anywhere near a competitive match for sleety rain.

The caacthletes were however every bit so. First off was Nick closely followed by the first of our debutants Neill Porterfield. It was a battle royale on the downhill with Nick holding off Neill by 5s after the 20s handicap. Job done. OK ... half done. There was a steady flow of runners thereafter and the concensus was to go for the obvious route. Work will have to be done to challenge the down record of 2:19 with the best of our number today at 2:40, James Harrison took the downhill battle today by 2s. It is to be noted there are two course changes since the 2:19 mark was set; a short corner cut is now a bit overgrown and the chicane which is now in place. I am sure it can be done though. Challenge Anneka for 2017? The women's race was wide open after the down with 14s covering the first 3. FionaC running an impressive 3:31 to be fastest by 9s.

On to the up, the place where you find that comfortable lactic acid zone reserved for 4x400m all out smash it sessions on the track of the summer. Its fair to say the front end of the race didn't happen Calum McKenzie in fine form (and XC spikes..) demolished the course record, he put 9s into the mark of Kris Berry from 2011. He finished on 3:25 for the up, 38s clear of the field. Phenomenal. Well done. No-one quite got under the magical 4 minute barrier after that but all were safely up the hill in sub 6:30. Its a tough hill. Whilst Calum romped the overall - the women's race was much tighter. Kara also putting a new record on the board to become the first female sub 5. Her time of 4:52 was 9s faster than Ruth Gibson in 2013. This great up hill effort was enough to wrestle the overall victory from Fiona C by 3s. Close!

In the overall race the real story was how scared Mr McKenzie was of the race organisers. Having jovially offered that he may misplaced the 1,300ct diamond LED trophy - we were not best pleased. We were also unsure if this was an act of confidence or arrogance. Thankfully the boy came good, in one of the best ever overall performances of recent times his combined mark of 6:07 was all he needed to buy himself a year to find the coveted trophy. It was 4 in a row for McKenzie - can anyone stop him making it 5!?

Cold bodies, were slightly warmed by vigorous athletic activity but not enough to have anyone want to linger. Big thanks go to J-PEG and BC for 'time-keeping' and officialdom at the tower. Our lot then descended on Paul & Phyllis hospitality and welcome teas, coffees and excellent soup were scoffed. Thanks again for having us!

Hope to see you all in 2017, possibly for a summer event to...