Scottish Athletics League (Men's League) Seeks New Team Manager

It's been another season of small teams and lack of depth for the Mean's League team but amongst that there have been some good performances and reasons for cheer.

Special mention must go to our Elgin Marvels (Scott Hamilton, Findlay Donegan and Darrin Cameron) who have racked up hundreds of miles travelling to the matches this season.

I am indebted yet again to BC for stepping in twice to perform management duties on the day. In truth having relinquished the job to me 8 years or so ago BC has never really escaped the clutches of team management. Always willing to be there early despite not competing till 4pm. Cheers.

It's been a while coming but we've both reached the end of the road with the men's league and if CAAC are to continue as a member club then it is up to someone else to step forward and carry the men's league mantel.

The job requires the team manager to submit teams for 4 matches per season by email the night before the match and in person by 11.30am on the day of the match. They need to distribute numbers to athletes on the day and may be required to make late decisions to switch the team around/enter relay teams. They are also required to source 3 officials per match in order that the team is allowed to compete. I addition there is some associated admin at the start of the season and the likelihood of needing to register new athletes during.

It is a job that could be shared - one person putting the team together and another submitting and performing duties on the day.

If it is something that you are interested in please post here or get in touch with me