Tour of Fife Day 5

ToF Winner 2016
After the deluge of day four, which I fortunately missed, the top 3 places in the tour were sorted. It would take some effort by Ally to overtake Julian and the same for Ewan to overtake Ally. Julian seemed quietly confident; sit with the pack until the top of the hill and then stretch out. Ally also seemed clear what was required and apart from'accidently' tripping Julian he knew that a similar tactic would see him home in second place. Keith and Neill seemed confident that they would finish without any problems and seemed to have enjoyed their outing in Gambo. I've been to Gambo before, delightful garden and lovely cafe so I could understand that they had had a good time!

The Cream of CAAC that is this years finishers; Julian Jousting Barrable, Ally Broccodile Brockie, Neill Terminator Porterfield and Keith The Silent Assasin Copland were ready for the last race. They knew what they had to do and were confident of the success of their plans. I had unfortunately missed race four but was there to pass on my usual encouragement and sage advice to anyone who wanted to listen - I think there was a dog somewhere who was paying attention........ The start of the race couldn't come soon enough and before we knew it we were off into the lovely undulating countryside around Letham. When I say undulating I mean hilly. When I say hilly I mean mountainous.....or so it felt to me anyway. I think I might have set off slightly too fast! The race unfolded as planned with Julian coming in 1 and Ally 2. Further strong runs by Neill and Keith saw them consolidate their places in the overall standings. Fantastic running guys!

Julian and Ally also made sure that CAAC continued their impressive record of having a top three finisher in the last seven years:

2010 1. Chris O'Brien 2. Grant Wilkie

2011 2. Bryan Clark

2012 1. Mickey Breen 2. Keith Hood 3. Bryan Clark

2013 1. Bryan Clark 3. Steven O'Brien

2014 2. Ally Brockie

2015 3. Ally Brockie

2016 1. Julian Barrable 2. Ally Brockie

A great event which I will do again next year. If you haven't done it. The only question I have is why not! This is the best local tour series and if you haven't done it before, sign up for it next year. You will love it - kind of.......

Final race results are here: Final overall standings are here:

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Well done all!

Well done all! I think Ill need to get a family camping trip organised to take in next years Tour, my appetite has been whetted from the sterling reporting and performances. It has been too long!