Tour of Fife | Day 4

ToF Cambo 2016
Tour of Fife, day 4 report:

Apologies but chief reporter Jan as gone AWOL for race 4 which took place at the Cambo Estate, Kingsbarns. Not sure what the reason was, tired legs after the uphell TT, the thought of Keith and I getting closer to him on the GC or just saving himself for the final event.....;)He's asked me to try my best to fill in for him.

So then there where 4, Ally, Keith and myself arrived in the glorious sunshine and met up with Julian who had arrived with a fan club in tow, more supporters the better I say. Ally walked us along the course which was 2 laps of the Estate along mainly narrow firm mud trails, grass, gravel and a few steps and wooden bridges, all of which would get wetter and more tricky as just when we finished the tutorial from Ally the heavens opened.

We stood on the start line getting soaked and ready to go with the advice from Ally ringing in our ears "start fast to get to the front so you don't get blocked in" Great advice and worked well for Jules and Ally, a little harder for myself and Keith who are not as talented as the other 2 as you all well know.

2nd lap proved to be quite tricky with the whole pack having been over the course once and the rain adding to the fun underfoot, especially down the steps and wooden bridges.

Jules romped home in a time of 23:32, Ally finished 2nd, outsprinting the Oxford athlete Ewan Gaunt by 4 seconds, that's after Ally picked himself up from the dirt after falling earlier in the race... Myself and Keith finished in the main pack and are still battling with the athletes close to us in the GC so pushing for extra places up the leaderboard.

Another very well organised event and well done to the organisers and volunteers who looked after us all. To finish the day rather than an ice bath it was a dip in the North Sea to ease the muscles...

Puts Jules and Ally in 1st & 2nd going into the final day

Today's result can be found here:

GC standings can be found here:

Roll on the final race, least there's cakes and treats at the end which we all love and hopefully some prizes.

Oh and thanks Jan for the extra place up the leader board for myself and Keith

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What there is no rest day on

What there is no rest day on the tour? Even in France they understand you need recovery to be able to go on giving your best. If only I had known! I would have been there....... Well done team you are doing CAAC proud, the coaching team is definitely slacking though and to make sure you don't do the same tomorrow I'll be there!