Tour of Fife Day 3

ToF Uphell time trial 2016
Well that was fun.......NOT!!

I'd felt vaguely nervous going to Falkland today. I know that this is a hard hill to run up and there is no let up. I also know that BC the CAAC president has a club record for this up hill hell that is really very impressive. In his own words only a few seconds behind Lemoncello. Now I had always though that was some kind of liqueur, but apparently not. The CAAC elite was ready for this one though. Ally and Julian trading encouragements and knowing that Ally was in a good place to make up some more time and possibly move in to second in the overall standings.

I knew that I'd be pleased if I could keep running all the way up.....the more I do this run the harder it gets. Perhaps if I had Nicks graph making skills I could show you my steady decline over the years:

2006 12:51

2007 13:25

2008 13:22

2009 13:13

2010 13:26

2011 13:18

2012 14:05

2013 13:43

2016 14:18

Enough about me, what about the time trial? Well I had the great pleasure of setting off first. With Neill and Keith being paired. Apparently the ran together for a while but Neill felt that the chat wasn't that great and pushed on. I reckon great efforts by both for getting up that hill in double quick time! Neill has now firmly positioned himself in the top half of the field. Ally was seen storming up that hill, going past me at the top as if he had only just set off. A really strong run which deservedly got him first place on the night and moved up to second in the overall rankings.

And what about the Barrablester I hear you ask. Well he was set off last and was certainly not last in. A strong run which saw him bounding past people into second place for the day and a solid enough performance to have a bit of a cushion to try and keep Ally at bay. Great completion between the CAACers at the top and again I'm sure I heard one of the saying 'shall we start walking down'. I now know that all this jogging to warm up is just for amateurs. The elites always walk to warm up!

Result for the day are here

And overall here