Tour of Fife Day 2

ToF Hill of Travit 2016
Another day another race. Having recovered pretty well from my efforts yesterday, I actually managed to stay awake on the train to Markinch today, where I picked up my car an made my way to the Hill of Tarvit for a wee hill race. Only 3 miles - so it would be over before I knew it I thought to myself. I had arrived quite early and after a vague warm up attempt I returned to my car to find that Julian and Ally had arrived. Now these top athletes know how to warm up! You take one can of coke with you and then have the perfect excuse not to jog any of the course. You just walk it. Must discuss this approach with Coach Dave - I like it and by the results of the race it seems to work!

So walking the course I found out two things. Julian and Ally are struggling to find the right nickname for Julian. 'The Joolster' just doesn't quite do it...... according to the Broccodile. Still I am sure that if we only had BC here we would have a great nickname in seconds. Oh how I miss Mr President! The other thing I found out that this is very definitely a hill race with a big hill in it. Right towards the end of the race as well. Still walking it wasn't that hard so I imagined that running it would be OK. When we got back to the car park we were joined by Neill and Keith. The Cream of CAAC was now minus 2. Coach - I have a sore toe - Dave felt that the hill would be a bit too much to ask. Never mind the elite was still here to uphold CAACs honour.

Ally had figured out the tactics and was confident of a one - two today. Neill, Keith and I had our own tactics..... Start at the back and then see how you get on. No idea what happened at the front of the race, but suffice to say the tactics worked a treat. A one -two for Julian and Ally, with Ally making up most of the time he had lost on the second placed person yesterday. Today it was Neill sprinting for the line, forgetting that he'll be sprinting up a hill tomorrow! Keith also looked strong finishing so again solid performances form the elite CAAC contingent. We now have 2 races under our belt so the obsessing about where you are ranked can officially begin! Not so difficult for Julian and Ally, but a whole load of fun for us lesser mortals........

Only a 2.25km run tomorrow - piece of cake!

Here are the day 2 results

And the overall standings