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Tour of Fife - Race 1. 2016

ToF Chariots of Fire 2016
After a couple of years absence I thought I would give this brilliant series another go. Five races in five days how difficult can that be? Back in the day when I was young and enthusiastic and very much unintiated I was the first CAACer along with the legendary Grant Wilkie to give this a go. I kept coming back for the next seven years until old age caught up with me an regular niggles and injury took a firmer hold.

Today I was back on the beach at St Andrews with the Cream of CAAC minus one. Keith, Neill, Julian, Ally, Coach Dave had made it too. Nick, well when is Nick not injured I ask you? Unfortunately Nick's back had given up the ghost and he had to pull out at the last minute. Being a Fifer now means that I don't get the same chat in the car so the material that I have to work with is limited. A journey with BC to a race gives you enough material to write hilarious race reports for the rest of the year. Not having that opportunity has definitely dented the comedy value of this report.

So the race. Well Julian and Ally were pretty confident that they would be there of there abouts - which proved to be the right assessment. A first and third place is a pretty good start. Dave, Neill and Keith also had solid runs with Keith sprinting for the line to stay ahead of a fellow competitor. Had he forgotten he has another 4 races to do? I was pleased with my start and ended up with a first in my finishing number thirty-first to be more precise....... A short hill race tomorrow - how difficult can that be?

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GO 4 IT MATE !! This is now in your back yard.