#CAAC30 Race 2 - Tonight the Corstorphine Hill Trail Race 6:30PM 22/07/2016

CAAC's athletic 30th celebrations got off to a strong start, with the sneaking under the track marathon relay record. All teams completed the marathon in very respectable times. As most were heard to say after, "Right thats the warm up done, whats on tomorrow night?"...

Well, here is the details. Come along, all are welcome!

Aiming for a start time for as close to 6:30pm as possible from the top of Kaimes Road.

Race 2 - CAAC30 Trail Race

Date 22 July 2016
Start time
Start location
Important information The home patch, where dreams are made!


The course will be partially marked and marshalled at key points, a full full description of which is below accompanied by a route map.

  1. The route starts from the barrier at the top of Kaimes/Cairnmuir Road leading onto Corstorphine Hill and heads uphill/East to the junction of paths approximately 250m ahead. 
  2. Take a left here and go through the open grassy area tending up the hill and slightly left into the trees.
  3. Pick up the path which crosses the main cinder track and then meanders at high level across the top of Corstorphine Hill.
  4. At the rocky section take the right hand path to ascend.
  5. You will exit the trees briefly as the path begins to drop away and then re-enter picking up a good cinder track which leads down towards the Clermiston Road North car park - take care of wooden chicane barriers on the path here.
  6. Turn right at the car park and then follow the cinder path with the Barnton Quarry Project on your left hand side. Steep downhill here and a sharp right at the bottom.
  7. Follow the undulating cinder path, keeping right and ascending the stairway just after the 2 mile point.
  8. Turn left at the top of the steps and continue to climb (more wooden barriers here) before leveling off and beginning to tend downhill.
  9. Keep left on this path following the perimeter and then a short, slightly rough pull up to the perimeter fence of Edinburgh Zoo.  
  10. Left at the top and follow the path down, through the stone gate and then keep left as you head downhill over slightly rougher ground.
  11. Follow the fence line, swing left and follow the path into open meadow. 
  12. Keep left running a high line through long grass until you reach a red brick wall and the path turns right and downhill. 
  13. Follow this path all the way to the bottom of the path at the Balgreen Gate (steep downhill here) then turn right at the bottom and follow the path through the woods and up a steep climb until it breaks out into open grassland.  
  14. Turn left here and follow the path retracing your steps momentarily although bearing left and ascending over grassy/rocky paths towards the zoo boundary.
  15. Turn right as you reach the top and follow the path through trees and back through the stone gate (potential to meet oncoming runners here).
  16. Follow the main cinder path round the zoo boundary keeping left and descending by the steps to the first path junction.
  17. Left here and follow retrace the first 250m passing the start barrier and continuing down Cairnmuir Road (only road section here) and turning right onto the footpath at the bottom.
  18. Sharp right after about 20m an enter Corstorphine Hill Nature Reserve following the trail through the grassy area and into the trees to meet the cinder track. 
  19. Turn right on the cinder track and follow this steep ascent past the communications tower to finish at the stone tower.
Route map


KeithC's picture

Well done Tommo!, and thanks

Well done Tommo!, and thanks for a great race well organised, thanks also to all those who helped out.

Graeme Reid's picture

Great effort Tommo. Many

Great effort Tommo. Many hills. Many, many hills. Glad I was marshalling!! Hope to go and rescue my car from the car park Saturday morning. Glad nobody slipped on the oil slick!