Track Etiquette

Hi All, Now we’re back at the track, you’ll notice it’s pretty busy, particularly on a Tuesday night. As we’ve got lots of new kids, and possibly a few new adults, I thought it was worthwhile reminding everyone of the rules of track etiquette in order to avoid any accidents/incidents. If anything is unclear just ask one of the coaches:

1. When doing warm-ups, cool-downs or recovery laps DO NOT USE THE INSIDE LANE - use the grass or lanes 3-6 if possible, but beware of sprint groups in the straights. Your coach will let you know if there are specific instructions.

2. When doing interval sessions, use the inside lane, no matter how slow you are or how fast others are. It is up to the faster runner to drift out to overtake. Do not move out to let others pass you as this will cause collisions.

3. If someone is standing on the track in your way, and not running, a firm shout of 'Track' should suffice - this is not rude and is the accepted etiquette. Don't worry about upsetting kids by shouting ’Track'. We’d rather they got a few frights than a few collisions.

4. When you finish an interval effort, move straight off the track to the left and on to the grass. No matter how tired you are, do not linger in the inside lanes.

5. When standing on the grass, keep well back from the edge of the track. Runners coming round, and coaches timing runners need to be able to see ahead clearly.

6. Remember to look before stepping out onto the track. Same rules as crossing the road.

7. Be very careful when crossing the infield in case field events (particularly throws) are being practiced.

If you're concerned with any group or individual, whether from CAAC or Harmeny, let one of the coaches know and we can have a quiet word with the offending athlete, or more likely, their coach - the Harmeny guys are very reasonable and will take action if required.

Above all else, we want your experience on the track to be enjoyable and safe.

Yours in running,

john o' hara