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Sign up for The 12x12x12. CAAC PAPs no.5, Wed 12-12-12.

This is it the last unknown (well... for this year) and to be honest i just cannae wait to say Go! on the night. Completely befitting of the date it happens upon, i really challenge anyone to not finish this race with a smile not on their face. Pained smiles accepted..

What is the CAAC PAPs? No matter whether you have run several events in the series before or indeed it would be your first foray, all are welcome to join in. The facts? You will get muddy. You will get a map. You will have to think on your feet, and ill give a money back guarantee -You will have fun! 

The race will be followed by some social drinks- coffee, tea.. beer in the warmth of Kercob Towers Three.

When? Wednesday 12 December, 6:30pm.

Where? 10 Hermand Crescent, EH11


£2 entry if you have not already entered the series.


Enter by clicking the Signup link below or indeed, in person to me (Christopher O&;Brien) or via e-mail to

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All CAAC PAPs events are open

All CAAC PAPs events are open to athletes aged 11 upwards however those aged between 11 and 16 can only take part with and must run at all times with a partner who is over 16. It should also be noted some might be a bit far! If on the lower end of this scale - if you want to make sure it will be ok for you drop me an email at
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After the MaHu Mosey we have

After the MaHu Mosey we have a quite a wee break until the next outing at the 12x12x12. Then quickly following that we have the Down&;N&;Up on Saturday 22 December at 9:15am.

To keep the tastebuds tingling here are some stats for the series thus far. The biggy being 1 person has completed the series, another 8 can do it at the 12x12x12 and another 6 can complete their own at the Down&;N&;Up.

2012 so far...
48 runs, 6 helpers, 7 veterans, 6 female(s), 28 runners, 22 male(s), 319 points awarded and 1 runner has completed the series.

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Plenty of space for any more

Plenty of space for any more runners, anymore for anymore?

I should of said you are also welcome to change at the house to in case its a bit tight after work to get here. 

I thought id also wet the tastebuds further. This picture sums it up and hopefully answers a fair few questions?

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I've been asked by a few RE

I&;ve been asked by a few RE choice of equipment and is a head torch required?

You will be safe to wear your flat shoes for this outing and whilst a headtorch will assist you when referring to your map, it is not required.

Kerry made cookies yesterday - worth the run alone!

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Its on like doneky kong!
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Chris - thanks once again for

Chris - thanks once again for a great race.  The whole series has be amazing fun - can&;t wait to see what&;s up your sleeve for next year. 

And thank you Kerry for the lovely soup and cookies at the finish!
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Yeah brilliant final event

Yeah brilliant final event what a laugh :-). Pity Mikey B didn't make it, it would have been carnage !!!. Thanks to you and Kerry for you're hospitality.