Baddinsgill Round Hill Race 2017

Baddinsgill from the air 2017

Sunday 27th August, 12pm
Now in it's 6th year and still only £5 entry!
Please note the route change from checkpoint 8 onward compared to previous years.

Online entries now closed, but entries taken on the day.

As I enjoy running in the hills so much I thought I'd organise a hill race so I could share this with others! And what better way to do so than a CAAC race in my local hills, the Pentlands.
The Pentlands, being such a great place for running, already has it's fair share of races, from the famously long Pentland Skyline and extremely popular Carnethy 5 to several mid-week Bog and Burn series races; but I wanted something a little different, covering new ground, so I have created a route in the much less trodden and remoter western end of the hill range.
While training for the LAMM a couple of years ago I regularly ran round the hills above Baddinsgill reservoir, and have grown to know and love these hills really well. Far fewer people venture out here, and it's common to not see another soul all day while out running over the tops. However access is easy from both West Linton and Little Vantage and there are reasonable hill tracks over almost all the hills making for decent running. The views, both north and east to the people studded main Pentland ridges, and to the south and west across Midlothian to the Borders and the Southern Uplands are excellent.
You can read reviews/reports of the 2016 race, 2015 race, 2014 race, 2013 race and 2012 race.

The start is at the end of the public road at Baddinsgill Farm, which is approximately 2.5 miles up Medwyn Road from West Linton which is itself about 16 miles from Edinburgh along the A702.
Parking is limited in the area, so please share cars when possible. There are a few lay-bys along the final mile of the road for total of perhaps 4-5 cars, and space for perhaps 6 cars outside the logging station at end of the public road about 20m from the start area. There is also parking at the larger level area about 1 mile before the start next to the filter station. This is about 15 minutes walk from the start/finish area. (All these areas are marked on the map below)
There are no specific changing or toilet facilities at the start area, so please come prepared to race.
Enter on EntryCentral. Declaration, where you will be issued with your race number, is at the start area from 10.30am. Entries will be taken on the day but as places are limited to 100, your advised to entry online asap. This also greatly helps with simplifying organisation.
Now in its sixth year of running, the race is being held under SHR race rules and is categorised as a BM race.

Route Description
The route is on faint hill tracks and sheep trods of some description pretty much all the way round (with the exception of the area around Wolf Crags between West Cairn and Byrehope Mount), making up much of the natural skyline of a circuit of the hills around Baddinsgill Reservoir. The ground covered is often soft, and largely over grass, heather or mossy terrain. It is 10.2 miles with 650m of height gain as measured using a garmin watch. There are 9 waypoints, all unchecked and unmarked, although there are 4 marshalled points. See the map below.
The start is at the junction of the Old Drove Road and the road leading to Baddinsgill house. From there is 1/4 mile of tarmac through the grounds to a gate (first waypoint, with a marshal) leading off right of the road to the open hillside. A well worn track leads up hillside towards Faw Mount. Before the summit of Faw Mount, near an enclosure (second waypoint, with a marshal), the track trends diagonally across the slope to the east crossing several wet areas, before becoming a broad obvious track running parallel to the fence line that rises to the summit of Mount Maw and trig point on the summit (third waypoint). This broad track continues along the ridge again, parallel to the fence line, over more wet ground in places, passing Grain Heads, and onwards towards the summit of the Mount. The views east from here are excellent. Before the summit of the Mount the fence line bends sharply left (forth waypoint) beginning a descent over rough heather to very boggy ground around Deer Hope. Once across the boggy ground a long stone wall/fence line runs up and across the west side of Weather Law (avoiding the flat summit area) before another rough heather descent to Henshaw Mouth and more boggy ground. The wall continues on it's step ascent of the south shoulder of East Cairn. After a false summit and another small climb the summit ridge of East Cairn is reached. On the north side of the stone wall is a good, though often boggy, track running west all the way to the large stone cairn of the summit (fifth waypoint). From here care is need to pick the correct track that quickly steepens as it descents over rough heather and rocky ground to the Cauldstone Slap and the crossing of the Drove Road (sixth waypoint, half way, with a marshal, and escape route for those retiring). Crossing the style a often very wet track runs parallel to a fence and wall line west all the way up the big drag to the summit of West Cairn and its cairn and trig point next to a fence corner (seventh waypoint). A fainter track continues beside the fence line along the summit ridge of West Cairn before eventually turning south towards the large open heather covered moor of Wolf Crags. Here the track begins to peter out and the best line through the heather must be found before crossing the burns round Wolf Crags. Another long climb, picking the best route were possible reaches the fore summit of Byrehope Mount where a better, though still soft, track, running parallel to a fence line crossing more wet ground, eventually reaches the almost flat summit area and a bend in the fence line (eighth waypoint) with a marshal. It's not far to the finish and all down hill from here! A fast descent east continuing to follow the wall line towards a large gap in the trees (ninth waypoint) with a marshal signals the last few hundreds to go. The track through the gap in the trees heads south east through grass and ferns to an open gate at the top of Glen Ely woods, where a narrow and muddy paths leads quickly down to the gate by the road marking the finish and glory!
Did I mention the ground is usually soft and wet?! :-)

This is a hill race, with all that entails. It is not a trail or cross country race.
Over 18s only.
The route is not marked and there is no support out on the course.
Full body waterproof cover and map/compass are compulsory. There may be kit checks.
Rough terrain so fells shoes required.
You should be happy running in the hills and over rough and unmarked terrain and be prepared to be self reliant. You must know how to use your required map and compass. The area between West Cairn and Byrehope Mount, crossing through Wolf Crags can be a particular navigational challenge as it is open, with few if any tracks or features, and in poor visibility care should be taken to choose the correct line.
If you find others injured, distressed or in need of help please stop and assist even at expense of your own race.
If you withdraw or retire from the race you must let the race organiser know as soon as possible.
There is an escape point half way round the course where the Drove road is crossed that leads back to the start/finish area.
If you take longer than 90 minutes to reach the Drove Road crossing you will be asked by a marshal to withdraw from the race.
There are no suitable sources of drinking water on the route of the race. Water and bananas will be provided at the finish.

1st, 2nd and 3rd senior man (18-39) + 1st, 2nd and 3rd in every 10 year age bracket over 40
1st, 2nd and 3rd senior woman (18-39) 1st, 2nd and 3rd in every 10 year age bracket over 40
If at least 2 people racing have also run the Ochil 2000's Race the day before there will be a prize for the lowest combined time!

Presentation will take place at 2:30pm in the Gordon Arms in West Linton. It's got a lovely bar, also serving food, with an outdoor beer garden, not far from the start/end. It's a great place for everyone to relax their weary legs while recounting tales of their race adventure!
Record (M): 1:27:11 Scott Fraser (2016)
Record (F): 1:42:29 Charlotte Morgan (2014)
Full results from the previous races can be found at here.


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RACE UPDATE: Due to the

RACE UPDATE: Due to the presence of cows, including a bull, on Lamb Rig there will be a change to the race route from checkpoint 8 onwards.
Instead of heading out to Kings Seat and then over Lamb Rig, the descent will be direct from Byrehope Mount to Baddinsgill Farm. This will shorten the race to 10.1 miles with 650m of ascent instead of the previous 11.3 miles and 700m of ascent.
Full details and a new map will be published soon.
It also means instead of needing 1 more hill marshals, 2 more are needed to cover this new finish, so please get in touch if you can help.

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The route from Byrehope Mount

The route from Byrehope Mount will continue east along the wall/fence line descending towards Glen Ely and an obvious gap in the trees, where there will be a marshal, it will then follow the path just to the north of Glen Ely burn through Upper Glen Ely Wood to finish at the wooden gate by the road just after the cattle grid. (Neither the gap in the tree or path are marked on OS maps, but are clearly shown on Harvey maps, and OpenStreetMap). The course maps and route description above have also been updated.

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Well done to all!

Well done to all!

It was great day for running, with decent cloud cover to avoid to much sun but still excellent visibility, and a very slight breeze to keep the midge at bay, and no rain, if herhaps a little humid. After a few days of heavy rain, what is already a famously wet route, was reported to be even wetter, with the usual boggy col crossings sucking in quite a few people.

We had 52 entries, and 46 people running.

With a new shorter course finishing through the woods of Glen Ely instead of out to King's Seat, (10.1 miles with 700m ascent, compared to the previous 11.4 and 740m of ascent), due to the presence of cattle on the final hillside, there were no records to be broken, but there were still plenty of fast times. Mark Purkis of HBT set blinding pace establishing a new benchmark of 1:22:27. He was hotly pursed for most of the race by Liam Braby who finished only 1 minute behind him. In the womens race, Michelle Hetherington of Westerlands powered round the course in only 2:01:20. Impressive stuff after cycling more than 50km to get the start. She was chased all the way by CAAC's very own Fiona Carver, who finished only 3 minutes back. Everyone made it comfortably through the 90 minutes cut off at the Cauldstone, and everyone was safely finished in less than about 2 hours 30, a good half an hour faster than previous years, more than would be expect from a loss of a mile from the course, which I think shows the quailty of the field of runners this year.

And as always many thanks to the many people that helped marshal the race, be it time keeping, manning a remote checkpoint or sweep running the course. Without you the race simply could not take place! I'd also like to thank Gavin Marshall who owns Baddinsgill Estate for allowing us to run the race on his land.

I hope everyone had a great day. Certainly looked like many of you finished it with some well earned food and drink in Gordon Arms in West Linton.

There are literally dozens of photos from the day on the Face event page: