Edinburgh Parkrun 5K

Another good turn out from CAAC for the 3rd Edinburgh 5K parkrun yesterday. Results: 18 Bruce MALCOLM 18:52 21 Mike ANDERSON 18:58 35 Alex CUMMING 19:51 39 Chris PEGGIE 20:12 51 Steven BLAIR 21:42 166 Ran

Allan Scally Road Relays

The all new Allan Scally Road Relays (course changed due to lack of police support after 40 years of history) came to town today and CAAC fielded two male teams and a ladies team for the first time ever at the event. Not only that but we aided both Edinburgh and Aberdeen Uni's by farming out Kris Berry and Nick Broon to complete their C and B teams.

Its done, we're done for! The world is going to end.

Well ok i exaggerate slightly. Its new, its shiney and precious. Welcome to the new version of the Corstorphine AC website. I think this is as memory serves the 6th revision of the site and 5th that i've pushed, prodded and rammed together. This time like the last with the more than able assistance of Nick. Nick on this occasion played many roles, the parts of salesman (go open source, its free, its free and its good), 'google' (sometimes rather than searching i can just ask Nick) and art critic (the site hasnt always been this pretty!).

A Glorious Autumn Day on the Shores of Loch Ness

A Glorious Autumn Day on the Shores of Loch Ness :) It dawned still and clear on Sunday 4th Oct, temperature was about 7 OC - almost perfect for marathon running. The hotel had roused their chef from his slumber to cook up some porridge at 0630 in the morning for the hardy few who were running – there was a distinct lack of partners and children!