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Its done, we're done for! The world is going to end.

Well ok i exaggerate slightly. Its new, its shiney and precious. Welcome to the new version of the Corstorphine AC website. I think this is as memory serves the 6th revision of the site and 5th that i've pushed, prodded and rammed together. This time like the last with the more than able assistance of Nick. Nick on this occasion played many roles, the parts of salesman (go open source, its free, its free and its good), 'google' (sometimes rather than searching i can just ask Nick) and art critic (the site hasnt always been this pretty!).

A Glorious Autumn Day on the Shores of Loch Ness

A Glorious Autumn Day on the Shores of Loch Ness :) It dawned still and clear on Sunday 4th Oct, temperature was about 7 OC - almost perfect for marathon running. The hotel had roused their chef from his slumber to cook up some porridge at 0630 in the morning for the hardy few who were running – there was a distinct lack of partners and children!

Hodgo team return (relatively) unscathed!

Another hill race, another fine day! Seems every time I do a hill race the weather is good. And thankfully it was again as this one can be a real stinker if the cloud comes in. After some frantic last minute replacement searching (note to selves, travelling reserves are essential for this) we headed down to the Lakes with Chris volunteering to run twice (not strictly within the rules, but we'd come this far!). It meant some extra decisions to be made which inevitably meant extra pints to be drunk in the Barn End Bar, accompanied by some fine pub grub and a quiz to round off the night.