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Tinto Hill Race

Tinto is a cracking little hill race with 1500ft of climbing in 2.2miles and then straight back down the way you came. It's very runnable in places but stoney and scree covered in others. The only other time I've done this race, way back in 2002, I was about 10th or 11th going round the cairn and was then owned on the downhill and finished 30th in 38:16, sandwiched by Dave Law and Tim Norwood who ran the same time.

Eddies Half Marathon

I have often fancied entering this race, tucked away at the end of the Road calendar and who Eddie was, so Gillian and I decided to head up and take part in our 7th(and last) half marathon of the Year. Eddie Campbell as its turn out is a renowned runner in Lochaber, running the Ben Nevis race 45 times (from 1951 to 1995), winning it 3 times. He has also been behind many of the Hill races in Scotland and the promoting of running in the area. He died in 1996 of Cancer.

Lasswade CC

Perfect Cross country conditions today of incessant rain and lots of glorious mud, with the start line and finish under surface water. It was only whilst perusing the results subsequently that I realised that there was a significant CAAC presence at this open cc, which was actually at Gorebridge.

Edinburgh Parkrun 5K

Another good turn out from CAAC for the 3rd Edinburgh 5K parkrun yesterday. Results: 18 Bruce MALCOLM 18:52 21 Mike ANDERSON 18:58 35 Alex CUMMING 19:51 39 Chris PEGGIE 20:12 51 Steven BLAIR 21:42 166 Ran