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See that new "CAAC Members on the Web" block in the sidebar on the right? That is a list of updates from the blogs of various club members collected from around the web, so you can follow all their various adventures, and training of course. You can see a list of those who currently have subscribed blogs here: and read all their posts here: And you can add your own too.

New York Marathon, Sunday 1st November

Everybody should do this once in their life. My excuse was to mark my 50th birthday, albeit 9 months ago! Carol and I travelled to New York - a first visit for each of us - on the Wednesday. Awake with jet-lag on Thursday, I went for an early morning run to Central Park in order to run round the reservoir, just like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man.

A run in the mud......

Well I woke up today and had one of those I am getting up at 7.30am on a Sunday and really can't be bothered moments! Still I had promised to be the bag boy for the CAAC elite (COB, Keith, Grant and Chris P) so I had to get on with it and do my duty for the club.

5th Parkrun and 1st Lady

A slightly smaller field of 151 runners braved the wind and later on the rain for the 5th Parkrun.