CAAC5 Results

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New York Marathon, Sunday 1st November

Everybody should do this once in their life. My excuse was to mark my 50th birthday, albeit 9 months ago! Carol and I travelled to New York - a first visit for each of us - on the Wednesday. Awake with jet-lag on Thursday, I went for an early morning run to Central Park in order to run round the reservoir, just like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man.

A run in the mud......

Well I woke up today and had one of those I am getting up at 7.30am on a Sunday and really can't be bothered moments! Still I had promised to be the bag boy for the CAAC elite (COB, Keith, Grant and Chris P) so I had to get on with it and do my duty for the club.

5th Parkrun and 1st Lady

A slightly smaller field of 151 runners braved the wind and later on the rain for the 5th Parkrun.

COB extends winning run in the mud on Braid Hills

Just what do I have to do to stop the rot? Two in two weeks! Although I was a lot closer this time finishing just a few seconds behind Chris in the mud bath of the Braid Hills Cross Country (and I mean mud bath!) A fine turnout as usual at the EUHH organised event which is two laps of the Braid Hills - essentially a long and sometimes steep slog from the driving range to the top before a sharp descent and an undulating, although mainly downhill, quagmire churned up beautifully by the ladies race before us.