#CAAC30 Race 2 - Tonight the Corstorphine Hill Trail Race 6:30PM 22/07/2016

CAAC's athletic 30th celebrations got off to a strong start, with the sneaking under the track marathon relay record. All teams completed the marathon in very respectable times. As most were heard to say after, "Right thats the warm up done, whats on tomorrow night?"...

Well, here is the details. Come along, all are welcome!

Aiming for a start time for as close to 6:30pm as possible from the top of Kaimes Road.

Signup: Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay, Sunday 2 October 2016

The previously named 'Ian Hodgson' Mountain Relay and now named Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay is an annual adventure for . Taking place on Sunday 2 October 2016 this year.

It is a challenging hill race for 4 pairs in the Lake District. With the adventure being added to by travelling down on the Saturday afternoon, relaxing in the Barn End bar then camping under the stars at the Brotherswater campsite.

Results : CAAC T&F Championships 2016

Congratulations to Orla Joyce, Jamie Thomson, Mhairi Arnott, Jamie McAslan, Katy Coats, Sam Cavens, Heidi Ross, Jamie Arnott, Caitlin Arnott, Findlay Donegan, Claire Sloan, Scott Hamilton, Janet Grigor and Keith Ovenstone. They are your 2016 Track & Field club champions!

The club championships took place on Saturday morning in great weather, 67 across all age groups toed the start lines and made marks in the sand.

Muckle Toon Half Marathon

Many times I have run a new race and declared thats its the "best race ever !!".  The current winner of the award is the Muckle Toon Trail Half Marathon.  4 CAAC's headed down the A7 to Langholm in Dumfries and Galloway to take part.  The race is a trail run, starting from the town then through some of the most beautiful border scenery.  Its wasn't all fun and included lots of very challenging climbing and descending (included the 25% Kirk wynd climb within the first mile !!!).