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Tour of Fife Day 5

ToF Winner 2016
After the deluge of day four, which I fortunately missed, the top 3 places in the tour were sorted. It would take some effort by Ally to overtake Julian and the same for Ewan to overtake Ally. Julian seemed quietly confident; sit with the pack until the top of the hill and then stretch out. Ally also seemed clear what was required and apart from'accidently' tripping Julian he knew that a similar tactic would see him home in second place. Keith and Neill seemed confident that they would finish without any problems and seemed to have enjoyed their outing in Gambo.

Tour of Fife | Day 4

ToF Cambo 2016
Tour of Fife, day 4 report:

Apologies but chief reporter Jan as gone AWOL for race 4 which took place at the Cambo Estate, Kingsbarns. Not sure what the reason was, tired legs after the uphell TT, the thought of Keith and I getting closer to him on the GC or just saving himself for the final event.....;)He's asked me to try my best to fill in for him.

Tour of Fife Day 2

ToF Hill of Travit 2016
Another day another race. Having recovered pretty well from my efforts yesterday, I actually managed to stay awake on the train to Markinch today, where I picked up my car an made my way to the Hill of Tarvit for a wee hill race. Only 3 miles - so it would be over before I knew it I thought to myself. I had arrived quite early and after a vague warm up attempt I returned to my car to find that Julian and Ally had arrived. Now these top athletes know how to warm up! You take one can of coke with you and then have the perfect excuse not to jog any of the course. You just walk it.