Ochil Ultra - Fifty for Fifty

Ochil Ultra - Fifty for Fifty

Up until now the longest race I had run was the 7 Hills of Edinburgh and my longest training run was 26 miles back in July.  Now 6 months after that mad moment when running 50 miles on my 50th birthday sounded a great idea (well it never sounded great actually) the time had come.

Standing in the grounds of Stirling Uni waiting on the 7am start it was a bit worrying about what lay ahead.  I had my backpack with water, food, waterproofs, foil blanket, whistle, race gps and some blister plasters but still no rocks and I was ready to roll.

Winter training locations

Just a reminder to everyone that during our winter season we're at Forrester High on Tuesdays and Craigmount High on Thursdays.

Forrester High School:
Tuesday 3rd October 2017 to Tuesday 20th March 2018
Craigmount High School:
Thursday 5th October 2017 to Thursday 22nd March 2018

Full details and locations maps are available at: http://www.caac.org.uk/faq#meet


The 2017 edition of the MTR will take place on Saturday 9th September, and with just less than 5 weeks to go, this is a request for volunteers.

As with previous CAAC events, it is hoped that as many of our members as possible will actually run the race, but the positions noted below are the minimum required for the race to proceed safely, so I would ask you to consider adding your name to the list.

Northumberland Coastal Run

Some club members will have heard me drone on about this particular run for a while now. It's a great run, it's always sunny, there are plenty of cafes after to get a nice cup of tea and a spot of lunch you might have heard me say. Well this year I entered my sixth and Mandy, Janet, Graham and Neill their first. My club mates seemed excited by the prospect of a nice sunny run on the beautiful beaches and coastal paths of Northumberland.