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Hunter's Bog Trot 2012

A few club members, OCH, myself and three newcomers no less, Adam, Graham and Derek turned up for this ultimate low key event. The forecast was not good but the race was run in glorious sunny conditions that attracted 115 runners. The race route involves going over the crags (twice) and once up the radical road. After Robin Thomas&;s now legendary health and safety briefing, involving something about gravity, tussocks and the Grand canyon (the burn at the bottom of Haggis Knowe) the race set off up through Hunter&;s bog. Its all over quite quickly and this year the ground was a bit softer due to recent rain. The equally celebrated &;spot prizes&; from Robin are also one of the highlights, and of course the category and team prizes were all beer shaped-well it is HBT. Results sometime I expect will be published.
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Hunter's Bog Trot 2012

Great event, first time I&;ve done it - hard work for the legs though, coming off track and road training!  In his equally legendary post race prize giving ceremony Robin YP Thomas provided a spot prize of a map of Sutton Park with printed info sheet from Birmingham City Council website and 3 bottles of beer.  This was in recognition of CAAC&;s efforts at the 12 stage the previous week!  Beer was distributed 2 to Six Layers King of the Condiments and 1 to OCH, so I owe the other 11 folk in the team 1/6th of a bottle of beer each!
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Hunter's Bog Trot 2012

Peter Buchanan of Porty put together a film of the race. Adam figures prominently, leading off at the start (don&;t know how long that lasted!) and flying down the crags, up at the sharp end of the race. 
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Good spot Martin. Here is the

Good spot Martin. Here is the embed. Nice &;wee&; video.

A record of the Hunters Bog Trot hill race., 21st April 2012.
Despite the levity of the pre-race banter and post-race spot prizes this is a seriously tough 4 miler round three arduous ascents in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh. The brown vests of the host team, Hunters Bog Trotters, were out in force.